9 Things That Makes a Good YouTube Video

I notice that one of the easy and simple way to make money on the internet this days is through YouTube videos which is well monetized with any good Pay Per Click program such as Adsense. Creating a videos and uploading on YouTube is no more child's play but one aspect of internet money making hence, good videos should be made to attract views.


The videos may not be originally created by you but can be edited or you get a copyright backing for the video. What makes a good video? or let put it this way "How can i Improve a YouTube Video? You can see that both question means the same and the main point there is to get the best or required video before uploading on YouTube especially if you are creating the video by Yourself.

These are few things you can do to improve your YouTube Videos or things that makes a good video includes; .

1. A good YouTube video must have a good sound at any level. So, you need to ensure you have a good and loud sound when creating your YouTube video before uploading it.This will make people who are watching get pleased with the video.

2. A good YouTube video must be focused which means you need to use a tripod stand or just make sure you do not shake the camera during recording. 
3. Dressing. One of the things that make a good video for YouTube is a good dressing.You may not put on the most expensive dress in the world but put on a neat cloth that matches you skin color or the mood. If you have a dress code for success, then i think such dressing will be perfect and please do not dress too local for a video presentation because this is business.

4. Smile. YouTube videos with good smile by the presenter do attract good views and it makes the listeners have confidence in such video. People love smiling face rather sad face, you rather remove the sadness in your look and put on a smiling look. It will make you video look good.

5. If you are to make a video presentation, one thing you need to do is to comb your hair. If this is business, then we must look neat when presenting it. 

6. An improved YouTube video presentation should have a fun atmosphere or the video maker look like he/she is enjoying his/herself. People tend to watch more videos of people presenting something unique and fun-like. While you make the video, just add some fun to it and that all.

7. Another thing that makes a good YouTube video is a reduced background noise. If you want to create a good video to be uploaded on YouTube, just ensure you really do not have distractions any where and ensure you use a cool area out of noise.

8. To make a good YouTube video, ensure you title your video nicely because the headline of videos also play important roles especially from search engines and viewers. Just try as much as possible to make the headlines catchy and interesting.

9. Ensure you use a good and easy to use video editor or video converter and also get your timing correcttly because people love short videos with good ideas. 

These are the ways you can improve a YouTube video as well as creating a good video that guarantee returning views that can bring good income.  Thanks for reading


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