Things to Consider Before Buying a Facebook Fan Page

Many website owners are buying existing Facebook fan page for their site or business in order to get more traffic to their business or site, get more Facebook engagement, drive more customers to their business or site but fail to consider some factors which may later bring down the Facebook page to zero level.

Facebook likes

Before you could buy an already or existing Facebook Fan page with thousands of Facebook like 100k fb likes, 50k fb likes, 20k fb likes, 5k likes etc You need to consider some factors which will be listed below in order to avoid problem.

Facebook Fan Page is a good concept to make a site, business or programs popular through its engagements, likes and traffic it sends. Since we know that every Facebook Fan Page needs traffic, shares and likes and that the reason people buy an already made Facebook Fan page but may fall into the arms of scam page seller. To avoid this, you need to consider the following;

1. Check Authenticity of Page : Before you buy or pay for a Facebook page, one needs to confirm the authenticity of page of page to be sold. You may get information on the originality of page, who owns it and if it was created using the right channel and not scam method of hacking someone's page.
2. Check How relevant Page to yours ; Before a Facebook page can be paid for, you need to consider the relevance of the page title to yours that is, the title must be related or closer to what you want. For instance, an entertainment page goes well for another entertainment page and not for a business or tech page. Just consider that before buying the page from the original owner.

3.  Check Legitimacy of Seller : Some guys hack other people's Facebook page and resell to others so, you just take time to investigate the original owner of the page and how legit it is. It may be disastrous to buy something that belongs to someone else.

4. Check for bot likes or shares : Many of those guys that promise huge Facebook likes and shares for a page especially on sites like fiver, warriorforum, gigbucks etc build a page with bots meaning not human. They use a bot software to attract fake Facebook likes and shares which later reduces with time after purchase which is bad.

5. Consider fake engagements : To buy an already made Facebook Fan Page, just find time to use a software to locate if its full of fake likes and shares or all other Facebook engagements

These are things you need to consider before paying for or buying a Facebook page with millions and thousands of likes and shares. Thanks for reading;


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