How to Subscribe For Glo Data Bundle 4.5Gig at N2,500

This post was specifically made for our readers in Nigeria who really need a cheap internet data subscription or data plan from globalcom communication at cheaper rate. You can get the fast speed internet data plans of 4.5Gig from at N2,00

glo data plans

The good things about this plan is that its very fast, can be used to browse on any smartphone, mobile phone, windows,java, blackberry and performs well on PC. When you subscribe for the 4.5Gig data bundle or data plan, you get an addition bumpa promo of over 2,000 to call any network and an overload bundle.

I subscribe for the this glo data bundle or glo data plan and i can tell you that its very great. How Do i Subcribe for This at 2,000? Just follow the procedure below;

1. Load a recharge card of N2,500 on your glo line or sim card

2.  Check Your  account balance to be sure if you have 2,500 and extra 2.500 allocate to your glo line

3. Send "MENU to 127"

4. You get an instant sms of other plans but send  "58 to 127" to register for the glo internet plans where you get an instant allocation of 4.5gig on your line

5. Start Browsing

Note: You can check the remaining MB or plans by dialing *127*0#
This 4.5gig data plan from glo only cost 2,500 and can be used to browse any site, watch videos on YouTube and the promo balance can be used to make calls to any netwroks. Thanks for reading as you begin to work and earn money through the internet. 


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