How to Receive Google Adsense Money in Nigeria

Google Adsense is the best Pay per click program on the internet as well as the best and most reliable way to make money online directly into your bank account any where in the world even in Nigeria.

Adsense money

If you have a blog or website with high traffic and popularity, i will advice you integrate Adsense into the site to convert your traffic to money and smile to the bank to collect your money. Many Nigerians hear about making money from Google Adsense and feels "how do i collect my money into my account in Nigeria" but it very easy and free.
The steps to receiving Adsense money in Nigeria is quite simple just register and integrate Google Adsense codes on your site, allow the ads to display and carefully follow the registration procedure thereby providing your real name, address and easy description of your location where Google can find your Address.

After few weeks, your earnings begins to grow, clicks will be counted and money accumulated. Within few weeks, your Adsense Pin will be sent to your address through an accredited mail service/courier and you use that to confirm your Adsense which verify the account

Google will require you to edit your payment information which requires you to add your local bank account where money can be deposited. I recommend providing a real name which corresponds with the name on the Google Adsense info and preferred banks in Nigeria includes GTB Domiciliary account, Zenith bank, Diamond bank,UBA and FirstBank Plc. Having a domiciliary account is the best way to collect Adsense earnings or cash directly into your bank account in Nigeria.

This just the simple procedure to receive Adsense money into your local bank account in Nigeria whereas the option of Adsense payment by checks still remains active but it may take few weeks but the bank transfer is fast and reliable. Thanks for reading.


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