How to Receive Fiverr Earnings in Nigeria

How Can i Collect Fiverr Money in Nigeria? This was the question asked by one of our readers in Nigeria who wants to know how to transfer and receive his fiverr earnings in Nigeria. Its very possible to get your money transferred to you and collect using any ATM machine in Nigeria and the steps are explained as you read on.
Fiverr Money
Fiverr is one of the best micro job site in the world where people post their skills, services as gigs for $5. If you can create designs, website, write articles, write songs, edit videos, create banners, make podcast etc then fiverr is the best place to be.

Or if you already have money accumulated on your fiverr account and you don't know how to cash out to your Nigerian bank or payment system, then follow the procedure below;

1. Ensure you promote your gigs for more orders

2. Complete orders and fast as possible
3. Select Payoneer MasterCard as Payment method where you will be redirected to Payoneer Mastercard application procedure.

4. Register for Payonner Card with your real name or the name you use during fiverr registration

5. Within 2-3 weeks, the card will be delivered to your house while you activate it

6. Or if you already have an existing Payoneer card, integrate it as your Payment method just at the payment dashboard.

In Conclusion, Payoneer Mastercard is one of the best payment option to receive Fiverr money in Nigeria as well as other part of the world like USA, UK, canada etc.


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