How to Fund Payoneer Mastercard in Nigeria

A reader sent this from inbox 'How can i fund my Payoneer account in Nigeria?' The answer to this question lead to this post which explains ways of adding money or fund a Payonner account or card for our readers in Nigeria.

payoneer card funding

Payoneer MasterCard is a very useful tool Payment gateway or the best payment option to buy, sell, receive payments online and also to transfer money online. This debit card is widely use especially online because it acceptable as a medium of payment by most companies on the internet to pay fro any product or services but how do you fund it in Nigeria remains the question people ask too often

The best and fastest way to fund this card in Nigeria includes;

1. Private Transfer : You can fund your Payoneer card in Nigeria through private transfers. It means someone can send you money through his or her own Payoneer account but must be trusted. The condition to do this posted on their site so, just search a trusted company or individual in Nigeria and tell such to send some amount of money by transfer and pay the company in exchange.
2. UBA Africard : You can also fund your Payoneer account in Nigeria through UBA Africard. These card is very reliable and can be used to pay, receive or buy things online and funding a Payoneer card is not an exemption. Walk to any UBA bank near your area and apply for Africard Visa Card and fund.

3. Receive Money from Official Partners:  You can load money, fund or add money to your Payoneer Mastercard through accredited partners who pays through Payoneer. Their so many partners on their site who can help you fund/load money into your Payoneer card. Just check their official site for this.

4.  US Payment services: You can also get your MasterCard loaded with money through US Payment services as instructed on their site. Some companies in US prefer to pay via a Payoneer card and the card can be used to receive money directly from USA.

5. Company's Payment via Payoneer : If you are working online or you sell stuffs to companies, you can get paid or receive money into your Payoneer account if such companies pay by Payoneer. Its an acceptable way of funding Payoneer card in Nigeria

3. PayPal: PayPal is the biggest and most widely used online payment service used to withdraw money from Payoneer MasterCard, you can also use it to load money or fund your Payoneer account directly through your PayPal

These are the ways you can add money, load money or fund your Payoneer MasterCard in Nigeria and carry out with your online transaction with ease. Thanks for reading


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