How to Convert a Video Recordings to Video Slide Show

You can easily convert a video recordings or movie to a video slide show, upload it to YouTube, monetize it and start making money online. Making videos, podcast or editing existing video into a slide show is a good way to make some money online.
video editing
Even if the video is original or not, created by you or it has some copyright issues with it, you can convert the video which can be music, drama or movies into a slide show and start earning money from it. You can do this by following the steps below;

Things Needed

1. An audio recording of your seminar.
2. Pics from the Seminar

3. A digital camera or high powered phones
4. Open Office (Star Office) Impress or PowerPoint by Microsoft
5. A video editing software like Windows Movie Maker, Pinnacle or HandBrake(Android)

6. A computer.
The Process
Take some snapshot to represent a slide background. Seeing your face will make viewing the show feel more like being present for a live presentation.

Get an image file for each slide. Saving the slides as HTML will give you a picture of each slide and load the audio recording into the video editing program.

Drag the audio recordings into the sound track carefully to fit the exact match and you may edit the audio by adjusting the volume and removing periods of silence, adverts, time out, break or irrelevant.

Drag the slide pictures into your video editing program, drag one slide pics or image at once into the video track and adjust time to match the audio timing.

Now, you need to carefully type, copy or write out the video slide show file because it will show many format where you can pick from based on the device its going to be played or especially when using YouTube recommended format. If you plan to have people view the videos over the web, you can use  smaller files format and use a larger format for other devices such as DVD.

Then, upload the video on YouTube and put the video slide show file or link up on your pages, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or website for download or viewing, or on DVDs. Thanks for reading.


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