How Money Can Buy Happiness

Ways Money Can Buy Happiness

Sometimes ago, i posted a brief article asking if money can really buy happiness and i felt money could not buy happiness but now after i begin to earn some cash from some of my business, i see that money can buy happiness in many ways which will be posted below.

Some people might say money is the root of evil and it may not bring happiness but when you invest in businesses that works, earn more money, make huge amount of profit then, money can change lives.
money buy happiness
Below are some of the things money can buy that brings happiness, peace and good health which includes;

1.  Good Food : If you think money cant buy happiness, try cooking a very good and expensive food or you visit expensive restaurants or canteen which provide good delicacies like chicken, fruit juice, salads, vegetables and other food items around the world. These food may be expensive, costly but you will glad you have money to eat good food.

2. Exercise and Physiotherapy: Most people are not healthy because the lack exercise which seems expensive but when you have money, buy exercise equipments, visit physiotherapy centres for body balancing and i can tell you that you will be happy spending your money on being healthy.

3. Traveling Round the World: Your money can take you round the world, visit beautiful place in Paris, UK, US, Canada, Spain, Africa etc and in return, you gain happiness, you will glad but you definitely bought it with your money.

4. Entertainment Centers: Visiting the cinemas, beaches, shopping, fashion shows, watching films, going to beaches, stadium to watch soccer etc are expensive but it can make you happy. You forget your worries, sad event but moment of happiness reigns all over you. These is a good way money can buy happiness for anyone who thinks money cant.
5. Life Insurance: The best investment money can buy is life assurance. This is about building the best happiness for yourself buying a life insurance for yourself. It ensure creating a happy retirement or in case of any life threatening issues like sickness, disease, death, loss of any part of the body and many more.

6. Nice Car: Using your earned money to buy a dream car with nice design can make you happier than ever. An artist said 'my car is my girl girlfriend" which means the car can be in place of a girl friend. Your money can buy you the latest car and i believe riding a Ferrari or range sport 2015 model give a kind of prestige.

7. Good Computers: When my friend bought a new Mac computer,he looks happy and was addicted to it, i later realize that the computer is his own source of happiness at that time. He bought the computer with his own money and now he looks very happy whenever its on. That means his own money can buy happiness for him.

8. Buy a Nice Bed: Buying very soft nice bed can make someone happy especially at night. If money cant buy happiness then i cant joke with my bed any day anytime because its soft and make me have good sleep when am on it. I'm always happy when am on it which is good.

9. Good Smart Phones: When Iphone 6 was launched, many people slept for waited for days at Apple's office waiting to get one for themselves and now i believe the best gift you can buy for any one is new smart phones like HTC M9, IPhone6, Sony Xperia Z3 etc all these make people happy when you get one for them.

10. Good Home: Good home crowns it all, if you have the money get a good home for yourself or family. It unites the family, it brings peace and not the kind of home you get and you get worried when its about to rain or during hot weather.

These are ways money can buy happiness and how money can buy happiness. These days money also buy love because girls like money even more than themselves. The listed point above can at least put a smile on your face when you get bored or sad.


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