How i Make Money Online as a Beginner

I think i will like to rephrase this topic to "How i Make Money Online for the First Time" because first timer in any business are beginners and i really want to use this medium to help those who want to be engaged in online business to learn, act and earn more even as a beginner.

earn money online

I heard about online business through an electronic book called e-book which i bought and could not even get what the topic was all about. Just after a few pages, i learnt how to choose the best online payment method to receive the money i haven't even work for but i know i have PayPal, PM and later  applied for a US Bank account.

1. Paid Surveys:  i was introduced to taking surveys online where i started filling out forms for few legitimate site which took me almost 3 month to reach payout but eventually got paid into my PayPal account. It means some of the survey panels i registered with was paying low and was not paid by some survey site which make it a  scam.

2. Article Writing: I stared writing articles for some sites but was never qualified to earn good from them but got a breakthrough when i started writing for people and was getting paid for the contents.
3. Blogging: As a beginner, blogging works great because i really took my time to write few post, make the site beautiful, get a good page rank and Alexa ranking and i was making money daily from paid post also known as sponsored post. As a beginner, my charges were low and people begin to come for more where i was getting close to $10 - $15 per day from sponsored articles

4. Adsense: I got my first check online through Google Adsense when i registered for Adsense and ads begin to display on my site. I ensure i drive traffic to the site but the clicks were so low that it tool me almost a year to get the first Adsense check and later deposited in the bank. I was very happy knowing that i still have more work to do on my site.

5. E-Currencies: I also got paid online for the first time and as a beginner when i started acquiring e currencies through soccer betting. I predicted score of soccer event played around the world and in different leagues and was so smart that i send money to my perfect-money account through earnings from soccer bets

These are the first ways i earn money online as a beginner and also for the first time. I was very happy then but now i earn double due to more experience gathered. I will be posting on ways to make money online as a beginner on the next post so, keep your fingers cross as you read our blog. Thanks


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