For Ladies - 41 Businesses to Start with Little Capital

As a lady, what business can i do with little or no capital? This was the question asked by a female reader who has just finish school and decided to start a business. The answer to this question was this brief post pointing on various business ladies can do with little or no capital.
selling fruits
As a lady, you only need to get information on the knowledge, wisdom and little capital to start any of the business listed below. This is a list of good business for ladies to start and it requires little fund, it includes;
1. Blogging Business (Online Business)

2. Selling Fruits

3. Selling Phones

4. Selling Recharge cards (wholesales)

5. Freelance writing (online business)

6. E-books publishing  (internet business)

7. Affiliate marketing (online business)

8. Crafts business

9. Bead making

10. Weight loss classes

11. Exercise Instructor

12. Event Planner

13. Business plan writer

14.  Cleaning Services

15. Computer instructor

16. Graphic Designer

17. Web designer

18. Cooking service

19. Cosmetic sales

20. Hair Stylist

21. Beautician

22. Make-up Artist

23. Freelance photographer

24. Greeting cards designer

25. You tube Videos (Adsense)

26. Language Teacher

27. Music lessons

28. Nanny Service

29. Selling Pet products

30. Selling Pets

31. CV/Resume Writing service

32. Self Improvement Seminars

33. Teaching

34. Bulk SMS

35. Video game Center

36. Soccer Viewing Center

37. Cold Drinks sales

38. Pop Corn.

39. Article Writer

40. Solo Ads Creator

41. Google Adsense

These are businesses a lady can pick from, start with no capital and begin to earn some money, profit and generate income to support herself and her family. If you are an expert in any field such as the listed businesses above, then you can just start the business on a small scale and later make it bigger. Thanks for reading.


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