Best Domain Name Registrar for Blogger

Best Domain Name Registration Site for Blogs on Blogger If your site is hosted on blogger or you want to create a site on the blogger platform but with a custom domain, then this post is all about giving you the details on choosing the best domain registrar or domain name registration company for your blogger blog.
domain name for blogger
There are many domain name registration site claiming to be the best for blogger sites when it comes to having a custom domain for your site and based on reviews and usage, we decided to publish a list of best domain registrars services. The requirements for picking the best domain name site for blogs on blogger platforms includes

1. Preferred Online payments

2. Fast and Good customer services
3. Availability of all extensions like .com, ,org, .edu, .gov., .ng, .za, .co etc

4.  Cheap or Free domain names

5. Free custom admin or dedicated email

6. Security of admin c panels

If the site is built on blogspot or blogger, the best site to buy a domain name for the site includes;

1. Godaddy

2. Hostagator

3. Namecheap

These are the recommended or best sites to buy a domain name for Blogger blog or sites. I personally buy domain names from the site listed above and see that they are the biggest domain name registrars online with high level of reliability, the 3 domain name registrars listed above are good. Thanks for reading.


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