Best ATM Card for International Payment in Nigeria

Making payment internationally using the Nigerian local bank ATM card also known as debit card seems to be a challenge to many Nigerians who want to buy and sell to people abroad from Nigeria but i have a list of Nigerian banks debit card also know as ATM card widely accepted all over the world.

ATM card

Internet banking as made it possible to make payment or receive money globally and based on experience, i have used some cards for online transactions and other international transfers and the list are pasted below.
For international payment from Nigeria using the local banks Atm cards, then consider the following banks;

1. UBA Africard

2. GTB Naira MasterCard

3. GTB Dollar MasterCard

4. Diamond Bank

5. Zenith Bank

6. First Bank

So far, you can use the following debit cards from Nigerian banks to pay, receive payment, buy, sell or make international money transfer to other countries with ease.

If you have reliable ATM cards that works well in Nigeria, please don't hesitate to use the comment box below to share your ideas. Thanks for reading


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