4 Android Apps to Make Money

If you are an Android user, its very possible to make money on your mobile phones through Google Play store by using, downloading and installing some android apps while using your phones and getting paid into your PayPal.

Android Apps

These apps downloaded from Google play pay people to use them especially during downloading, listening to music, watching videos, games and for business. Hence, you gather Google play point while using the android apps and getting paid using it.

The Android apps that pays people to use them includes;

1.  WHAFF:  WHAFF is a mobile apps from Google play store which pay people to install and  download games and get paid while the game is being played daily, points are gathered and payment are made through PayPal when the Google play point get to payout.

2. SCOOPSHOT:  These is a picture taking and selling apps where you could upload decent pictures to companies who are ready to pay for decent picture and get paid from such companies.

3. PACT:  This is a health mobile apps on Google play services which when you use it exercise help reduce calories intake and get paid for the progress. You get paid into your PayPal through accumulation of Google play points

4. Earn Money: This is an Android apps that pay people to work online, download, watch movies and take surveys using their apps. The Google play points might below but consistence use of the apps and accumulation brings good cash.

These are the best Android apps that pay people to use them and are very effective to make money online while you still enjoy your phones. Thanks for reading.


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