How to Make Money With a Windows Phone

Just as we have Android phones, the Windows phone developed by Microsoft also have good phones with great Windows phone Apps and store where you can easily download different apps you like. the message am trying to pass here is that the windows phone are also good for business and you too can make money through your windows phone and smile to the bank.
Windows Phone Business
There are many brands of windows phone you can use for pleasure and also to make money doing some simple task, business ideas such online or offline and the best ways to make money while using a windows phone or making money through a windows phone. Some of the ways includes.

1. Printing: One of the best ways to earn some cash with a windows phone such Htc windows, Samsung Galaxy windows, Sony Ericsson windows etc is to help people fill out forms and submit online for money. Example which includes online registration, CV and other documents where you can get some apps to do this at windows phone can edit through word apps like polarize office, send it to my small printer for printing and get paid for the effort..

2. Online Registration: You can make money daily through your windows phone from online registering of anything. For instance, through registration of cards, national id cards,License, international exams and scholarships etc. Your windows phone can print directly when connected to a hp printer can easily print out from your phone and make some money.

3. Blogging: A windows Phone is very good for  online business like blogging. You download the blogger or wordpress apps from the windows phone store and start blogging. At times, if you are less busy and you need to write or publish a post, just bring out your phone and start typing all you need on the downloaded notepad to be used later. It make blogging simple and you can make some good cash from your blog through your windows phone.

4. Internet: Your Windows Phone e.g HTC One Windows can provides money when you use the subscription or internet data plan/bundle as internet for jobs and people and earn some money doing it. When people needs internet connection, your internet can be a source of income to you through your WiFi. You can do this by sharing your phone WiFi for business.

5.Sport betting: A windows phone can be the best  to make money from sport betting, it can be use to lo-gin to any sport betting sites, place bets on games and make money after full 90mins only if you know this kind of business and how to place bets for cash..

6. Videos: The best and fast way to earn money online and through your windows phone is to create videos, upload it on YouTube, monetize the traffic and start making money from valid clicks generated from the video and ads displayed on it by Google. Htc Windows can  edit a video, used as a camera and also used as a video editor. All this can be done to get money return.

There are some of the ways people makes money through their windows phone and how it has been working for them. For me, i just don't use a phone or windows phone for fun but for phone business. I used my phone as business internet services, small business online and its good. Just read through, ask questions and let learn from you too. Thanks for reading.


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