Businesses That Requires No College or University Degree to Start

There are many businesses you can start that requires no college degree or University certificate. Not all businesses requires a formal education or school/college certificate to start but just ideas and few skills acquired.

You may decide to start your own business and begin to earn passive income without a college or university degree. You can render services or sell a product which seems to be a sure way to make money without school certificates. Many successful entrepreneur and business owners believes being self-employed is the best at this time of the year.
businesses with no college degree

Below is an highlight of best business to start without college degree or school certificate but requires you can work round, acquire experience and start the business.

6 Businesses to Start without College Education or Degree

1. Childcare/ Baby sitting : this is a kind of business that requires no university degree or college to start.You can start this in your home, estate, apartment and later move into a bigger place. It requires no special skills, money, education, university or college but cleanliness, govt permit and knowledge to care for babies and pupils

2. Haulage Business : this is a business for car and truck owners, you move people, items or stuffs from one place to another with your car, truck and get paid for such. Its a nice self employed business which can be started with low capital and no university degree or college especially if you have a truck or car.

3. House Cleaning  : this is a business with requires no college/university certificates but ability to clean an environment for money. You get paid to clean people's houses, environment, industries, street, offices, shops, mall and many more for money.

4. Drivers : You could be self employed as a driver and earn some money. Many people/companies need drivers help them from one place to the other either on a full time, part time or hired. You only need to inform people about your driving experience and see responds not a degree from college or university is required for driving business.

5. Reselling : Anyone can either buy in bulk or little and resell to the customers. Many people usually do not have the time to buy things online or offline but needs other reseller that buys on their behalf and pay them. Even companies hire reseller to sell stuffs on their behalf. This is very common online especially on Ebay or on other site and i don't think anyone requires to become an expert to do this.

6. Sales Representative : You can start a business without being being a university or college graduate and still make money. As a sales representative working for yourself,companies or private, all you need is to get skills on how to sell, promote a product and not run after a college degree.

These are just business to start without a college or university degree and still become somebody in life. You can use the comment box below to ask a  questions or feedback about this post. Thanks for reading.


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