Best 5 Alternative to PayPal in Nigeria

PayPal is the best online payment solution all over the world as well as the most used e currency to buy, sell, make payment or accept payment online but many of our readers in Nigeria do complain about their PayPal not able to receive money from PayPal users in other countries like the united state, UK and other part of Europe.

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So far, the PayPal services available in Nigeria is limited because it can not receive payment but can only be used to buy something online whereas, receiving money is the crucial part of PayPal, that is why we need to provide the top rated alternative to PayPal for Nigerians living in Nigeria.

Not only PayPal can buy online, pay for something, make payment, receive cash of exchange virtual currency but there are alternative to Paypal that can also be used to do any online transaction which PayPal also does.

Based on our own usage, experience, user review and online transactions, the best or top alternative to Paypal in Nigeria includes;

1. Perfect Money

2. Solid Trust Pay

3. EgoPay

4. International Debit/Credit Card

5. 2CheckOut

The payment gateway or e currency posted above can be seen as the best alternative for people who are into various online transactions in Nigeria. They accept Nigerians and also have reasonble exchangers in Nigeria.

The best alternative to PayPal in Nigeria listed above can also be linked to a local bank account and withdraw the cash from the local ATM machine around. You can also use the listed payment gateway to make various online transaction such as making online payment, buying, accepting payment, sending payment, paying for items and many more.

These are the 5 best and top alternative to PayPal in Nigeria and other information you need about them will be posted in the next post. Please, keep your fingers cross for the next update or you may use the comment box below to ask any question on this topic which i believe immediate answer will be provided. Thanks for reading.


  1. i will name perfect money as the top of the list


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