5 Website to Get Free things Online

Can i really get free things Online? There are items you can get for free online or at the cheapest rate online. Not every things or items could be purchased online but some can be gotten for free with the site listed below.

Getting free items or thing online usually depend on your location and if you are residing in some state in the United State, you stand a chance of getting some used items which still works well.

Sites to Get Used Items Online

1. Craigslist: This is a classified ads site where people post different items for sale or for free based on the location of the poster. Many items like kitchen utensil, books, phones, electronics, cars, jewelries are posted  for sale but just behind the sale section, you could get some used items on the free section. 

2. Free Cycle : This is a site where new or used items are posted for sale. You will find very cheap items listed on the site and you can bid for cheap and almost free stuff from this site. Just visit to see

Free Items
3. Facebook local garage : Facebook is the biggest social networks with million of users but the section called the Facebook local garage sale where different items either used or new are posted for sale, rent or for free. If you need free things, visit this site and scroll through the listed stuffs where free items are also listed.

4. Ebay : This is the biggest store on the internet where new or used items are posted for sale. You can buy things cheaply on this site with a Payment gateway like PayPal. But not all items are for sale, some can also begotten for free or at cheap prices.

5. Bartering site : Just like the name, bartering site is site to get free items for trade, exchange, sale as well as free stuffs can also be gotten. Some people actually do list some used items they don't need for people who needs it or people who bid for it.

Google for more about this site, their terms and condition and how to get started with them to get free stuffs.These are the best 5 website to get free items, free stuffs or free things on the internet. Thanks for reading.


  1. Nice one but its seems people living in the United states are usually favored for this due to their location. Ebay is an example


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