Which Pay Per Click Sites Are Scam

Pay Per Click Sites are sites that allow users or website owners to make money from their site traffic. Pay Per Click method is the best and most used ways to make money online through your site or blog. There are legit PPC site that really pay publishers and blog owners while some are scam..

Pay Per Click Sites

Some Pay Per Click (PPC) sites are very good, legitimate and are good to make money while some Pay Per Click sites are scam but it depends on what scam means to you.Google Adsense is the best PPC sites on the internet while few other sites pay well too.  Scam PPC Sites are sites that do not pay when my account reach the payment threshold and offer very low click through rate.

Which PPC Site Is a Scam

You can easily identify scam PPC using the result below;

1.  Any PPC Sites that offer thousands of dollars per click is a big scam, most legitimate Pay Per Click panel sites only pay few dollars per click or Impression.

2. PPC Programs that requested you to pay some money before you can be registered is a scam 

3. PPC Site that promise full time income from low traffic is a scam because most legit Pay Per Click programs do not promise such high amount of money per click or impression

4. PPC Sites that spam your mails too often are scam

5. Sites that sell your information to other site are scams

6. PPC Survey sites with high minimum payout are usually scam
7. PPC Sites with no valid Cash Payment Option are scam.

8. PPC programs with no terms and condition, privacy policy page, contact or good customer care are scam

9. A ppc site with no proof of payment, contact email, FAQ, Customer care numbers, are scam while legit PPC program usually have their customer care contact info on their site or blogs

10. Just Google reviews, evidence of cash withdrawal e.g PayPal Payments, Bank transfer or user rating of ppc site on Google and if you find out negative information about such site and its payment, then such pay per click site may be scam.

The information provided explained above are effective to identify scam Pay Per Click sites and should be a guide for you before choosing starting to take paid surveys for money. But when a site promise to pay over $200 with few impression or traffic with no payment proof, then its scam..

To get the best out of your site traffic, use legitimate pay per click site such as Adsense, Addynamo, MediaNet, Infolinks and Yahoo ads. Thanks for reading.


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