How to Turn a Website Into a Money Making Machine

Can a Website be turned into money making machine?
A money making machine is a device that brings money daily but what we meant by money making machine is what generates income steadily with a website.

Either a free domain or hosted domain all can serve as a money making machine that brings money but only with time and some form of investment, you can start earning big from the site thereby turning to money making machine.

Steps to Turn a Website into a Money making machines includes;

1. Get a Website : You need to get a website either hosted with paid domain or free domain like blogger. The first and most important thing to make money is to get a website, design the website with good template, optimize the site and drive traffic to the site.

2. Write Unique Contents: Just after getting a good website, write good and original contents and what the people are willing to read. The contents must entertain people or solve their problems but never copied and paste contents. The more you write, the more the search engine index your website and organic traffic is sure.

3. Spend More Time on Site: Before your website could become a money making machine, you need to spend time on the site to get traffic and conversions which makes money.

4. Monetize the Traffic: As soon as the site starts getting good traffic then, you need to monetize the traffic with good pay per click site like MediaNet, Adsense, Infolinks etc With the traffic the site is getting, few clicks are converted to cash for you and when its consistence, it becomes money making machine.

5. Spend Money: Before you could start making money from your blog or website, you must spend money on paid adverts like Facebook or Google Adword program which help bring more and more traffic to the site with the allocated money per click or impression.

Do all the requirement above and within some time, you website traffic will be converting and bringing more cash to your through different ways like sponsored post, Adsense, banner placement, affiliate marketing and many more which you will always observe.

When the website or blog is properly formatted, advertisers will come and more money will be made and you can now take your earnings and website as a money making machine. Thanks for reading.


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