How to Test a Website Load Speed

Website load testing is an important aspect of checking website condition. Website speed is one important aspect of search engine optimization that should be considered regularly. Various search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo search tends to like site with relevant original content with good load speed and load time

website load test

How Can i do Website Load Testing? You can check and test a website load speed and time without using any website load testing software but using the site for the test. Not only checking the website load speed, you could also get other relevant information about the website using this site. The best site to test the loading condition of a website includes;
You may not really need a software to this, just visit the site above and get information about your site load time and speed but other information that helps search engine optimization issues like image alt, meta tag, compression and size, mobile and other site issues area analyzed.

You only need to ensure your site is in good shape by occasional website load test so as to keep enjoying the traffic it brings and it earnings to be in best condition for more earnings.

Just use the site above, adjust any complains about your website better and ensure the website is in good condition for normal operation and traffic. Thanks for reading.


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