How to Join Paid Survey Site Outside US And UK

How Can I Register and Make Money from Paid Surveys From Other Countries? This question was asked by one of our reader who lives outside United State and UK and really want to know if its possible to start working online and earnings few dollars from Paid Surveys
Paid Surveys

Of a truth, most legitimate survey panels are located in the US and UK and they really serve good surveys to people living around that region but its very possible to also register with the real survey panel site even if you are not living there and you keep earning your money.

How do i Join or Register with some Legit Paid Surveys That Pays, the few things you can do to join the survey sites while you live outside the US, Canada or Uk is to register as a residence or citizens of US, Canada or Uk using the below ideas;

1. Use a VPN or Proxy: Upon registration, you can use a vpn or any other ip changer to change your location and give a virtual US Address when registering

2. You can also register using a state from the US like Maryland, Texas, Chicago etc

3. Get a US Address and Phone Number which you can Google for link that provides such

4.  Get a US Checking account and Payoneer MasterCard to claim earnings

5. Open a Paypal with US information and add your Payoneer MasterCard so as to withdraw from any bank ATM

6. Go to WhichSurveys to check legitimate survey site to register
Do this and you are already a member of online money maker through paid surveys. If you join as many as possible, the addition of the few dollars will definitely become good money for you. If you are in other part of the country, get a VPN, US Address and Phone Number and that all. Just follow the process above and you got it.

There are free vpn like free hideman vpn and hotspot shield which can be downloaded and any time you get surveys invite through your inbox, you can use that to complete the surveys. Thanks for reading.


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