How to Get a Free Web Hosting and Domain Name For Your Site

Its may not be advisable to use a free web host or free domain name for your site but for one reason or the other, you can get a free web hosting and domain on the internet through Google and Wordpress.

web hosting

You may not need to spend a dime searching for cheap web hosting services or where to buy a domain name a site or blog but it only works on site on WordPress and blogger platforms.

The three site that offer free hosting to site is Blogger,Tumblr and WordPress. Blogger is completely free, hosted by Google with a blogspot domain name while WordPress offer but free hosting and domain name and also paid hosting which seems to be very reliable.

If its a personal website and not for profit making you can use the free services where you get  a free domain name and hosting. One of the advanatages of hosting a site on blogger is that its very free as long as you use a good premium responsive templates with good white hat search engine optimization (seo)
  • Blogger
  • WordPress
  • Tumblr
If you want want host your website for free and get a domain name without paying any money, the two site listed above offer such. Just visit the site, read their terms and condition and  start building your blog or website with them.
 If you are to host your site on blogger platform, the only thing you need is either an existing gmail account or open a new one, visit blogger and start building the site while wordpress can use any email for it.

Using the three site above, you do not need to worry about web hosting payment, fees, bandwith extension, site offline problems and many more. You can also host your site freely on blogger and buy a custom domain name to look professional but it does not really matters because the best blog in the world are also hosted on blogger with a free .blogspot domain name.

Just visit the site to get more information about the 3 programs and get your website or blog hosted for free any where in the world. Thanks for reading.


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