The Best 5 Saving Account in the US for the Year 2015

Choosing the Best 5 savings accounts in the U.S. based on the criteria that impact consumers the most: minimum deposit to open, minimum deposit to avoid a fee, monthly service fees and, of course, the APY.

1. GE Capital Bank: Online Savings

Available: Anywhere (Online)

Review: This was one of many online-only products that show up on our best savings accounts list; online bank accounts consistently ranked well because of their relatively high APYs and low fees, but also have the added bonus of 24/7 online accessibility (though that perk didn't factor into rankings). In GE Capital Bank's case, account holders can check balances, track their transactions, receive paperless statements and transfer money, all through the online banking portal. Money can be withdrawn through an electronic transfer to a linked account at another bank or a wire transfer. (Note that, per federal law, only six withdrawals can be made per statement cycle.)

How to open: Customers can apply for a GE Capital Bank online savings account on its site and fund it in one of four ways: through an electronic transfer from another account, a direct deposit payment from payroll or Social Security, a domestic wire transfer from another bank, or by mailing a check.

2. MySavingsDirect: MySavings Account

Available: Anywhere (Online)

Why: The MySavingsDirect MySavings Account boasts "America's highest rate" -- that is, the highest advertised online savings account rate for a no-fee, no-minimum-requirement savings account (which it shares with GE Capital Bank's Online Savings account). The fact that this rate can be obtained without meeting a minimum deposit threshold (a $1 balance will earn the same interest rate as a $1,000 balance) and doesn't come with a monthly fee pushed it to the top of the list.

Review: Along with no monthly service charges, this account doesn't charge any other hidden fees, either. My Savings Direct is Emigrant Bank's online-only portal, meaning funds can be accessed 24/7 through the website. Withdrawals are made through a linked external checking account that the customer designates upon account opening.

How to open: The MySavings Account can be opened online at, and funded by transferring money from a linked checking account or by mailing a check. (Though customers can make their initial deposit via snail mail, they need to use their linked checking accounts for all future transactions.)

3. Barclays Bank Delaware Review: Online Savings

Available: Anywhere (Online)

Review: Through online banking, Barclays offers 24/7 access to funds, transfers to other banks and the option of direct deposit to fund the account, which can be linked to an existing account at any U.S. bank. There are no hidden fees, and the chosen external account can also be changed at any time. More experienced savers might be more interested in Barclay's Dream Account, which offers bonuses on interest earned as a reward for making regular deposits into the account and refraining from withdrawing for six months.

How to open: This Barclays Bank online savings account can be opened online through the Barclays site and funded using the linked external bank account. Deposits can also be made through an electronic transfer, direct deposit or mailed check. Barclays also offers a remote deposit feature, allowing you to deposit checks with a computer or smartphone.

4. Ally Bank: Online Savings Account

Available: Anywhere (Online)

Why: The Ally Bank online savings account features a 0.99% APY, no monthly maintenance fee and no minimum deposit requirement to open.

Review: One of this account's standout features is its accessibility; customers can check and move funds through online and mobile banking, and deposit checks remotely with Ally's eCheck Deposit. Account holders can move their money between Ally Bank accounts, transfer funds to non-Ally accounts and schedule transfers for up to a year in advance online or over their phones. Along with no monthly expenses, Ally also doesn't charge fees for ACH transfers, online statements, incoming wires, postage-paid envelopes or cashier's checks (though other actions might incur a fee, such as a returned deposit, expedited delivery or account research).

How to open: Apply for the account at Ally's website and fund it with a transfer from another Ally or non-Ally bank account, a direct deposit, wire transfer or mailed check.

5. American Express Bank, FSB: High-Yield Savings Account
Available: Anywhere (Online)

Why: The high-yield online savings account from American Express Bank offers a 0.85% APY, with no monthly service charge and no minimum deposit requirement.

Additional notes: The AMEX personal savings account is on our list of best savings accounts because you can set up alerts to track your funds, and there are no hidden fees involved with managing your money. Customers can make deposits and withdrawals by linking their existing accounts from another bank through American Express Bank's online banking platform. Plus American Express Bank also provides a 24/7 customer service phone line.

These are the best banks with the best savings account for the year 2015. The original and full article was posted on forbes  Best 10 Saving Account for 2015


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