How to Use Payoneer MasterCard on Nigerian Atm Machines

How can i Withdraw Money on my Payoneer MasterCard on Nigerian ATM Machine? Someone in Nigeria sent a question above wanting to know if he could used his Payoneer Card to get Local Currency using the Nigerian Atm Machine and the Answer is Yes.

Payoneer Mastercard

As we know, the Payoneer MasterCard allow Nigerians to get this card to receive payment on their various online transactions and get their money in Dollar equivalent values to naira. There are banks in Nigeria whose their Atm machines convert the dollar rate to naira and such recommended banks includes;
  •  GTB
  • UBA
Not only the banks listed above can be used to make withdrawal but i believe any Nigerian Atm Machine with a MasterCard logo or Atm Machines that accept a MasterCard.

A precaution you can do to prevent unnecessary fees is not to use the Nigerian ATM machine not to check balance. It means after collecting your cash through the payoneer card, just go online to check the remaining balance and not use the Nigerian atm machine to check the remaining balance on the MasterCard.

Unlike Nigerian bank debit card with a gold metal chips, Payoneer MasterCard do not have that you only need to slot in the card starting from the position if first number on the card as seen above, press your pin code, select cash equivalent in Naira and get your dollars converted to cash by the Atm machine.

Do this and get your money withdrew in the Nigerian Local currency using your Payoneer MasterCard. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.

  2. plz i rili nid u tu put me thru in a mur undrstnd manner hw to get d mastercard frm payoneer

  3. you can get it indirectly with ur site through fiverr or infolinks or apply directly from their login page


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