How to Receive Paid Survey Money in Nigeria

Many people especially Nigerians keep asking the question of "How they could receive or claim their survey earnings in Nigeria and i think i need to use this medium to provide the best answer to this questions on claim paid surveys earnings
Survey Earnings

As we see, Taking paid surveys for cash is one of the oldest online money making method which works and people are really getting paid through this business. Although, some people claim paid survey and their sweep takes are scam while other are really working and earning with it because it requires no selling or promotion.
You can transfer payment to your local bank account in Nigeria from few online survey site using this method.

1. Register with legitimate paid survey site with a VPN or You Change your IPaddress to US or UK

2. Apply for Payoneer MasterCard in Nigeria with may take roughly 15days to arrive and this Payoneer card works with any bank ATM Centers in Nigeria

3. Register on PayPal with a VPN or Change Your Ip to United State and use your Payoneer Card info to verify your PayPal and you can register with those survey panels with your new US PayPal.

4. Paid survey panel like Toluna exchanges cash rewards for other gift items like Facebook ads, Tango Voucher, Cards and Sweepstakes. You can register with these survey site and instead of redeeming your earnings for cash, you can use it for other rewards.

5. You can also use a US Bank account to claim your cash on some survey site. How do you do this, You can get this done through the account number on your Payoneer bank account with consist of a US Checking account, fill in the details and that all. When you get to payment threshold, then choose pay by bank payment and that all.

6. One of the best way you get Paid Surveys Money in Nigeria is through your Domiciliary bank account. You can get this done in your local bank and get paid directly into your domiciliary account in dollars through some survey panels.

7. The last way you can get your Paid Survey earnings in Nigeria is through some Pay for me services like myus, graphcard,virtualterminalnetwork and some e-currency exchangers can help e.g naira4dollar.

These are way you can redeem your earnings or claim your survey money while in Nigeria. It could have been so easy if Nigeria PayPal operate a full service like receiving payment and sending but its limited for now. Follow the steps above and get your survey money directly into your bank account. Thanks for reading

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