Facts: 5 Reasons You Haven't Got a Job

Reasons Why You Are Still Unemployed 
It a new year and i believe many people are beginning to get the best work for themselves, seek new jobs and get better pay but others may still continue to struggle for employment and may not get hired due to one reason or the other. 
Do not feel bad if you haven't any job at present or you haven't been hired but check and compare the following facts below if you can make little adjustment and get hired for jobs. See reasons why you are still unemployed below;

1. Outdated Careers: Many course of study these days may not be relevant any more which may also apply to you. Many carriers are gradually fading away and companies are longer seeking demands of such graduates or skills in recent times. What you need to do is to make some research on how relevant your skills or course of study is to the environment. Better still, learn to acquire more skills or online degree on some part time courses.
2. High Bargains: You may not get hired easily or get employed if your asking rates are too high. Many companies rather prefer an affordable rate and a salary scale for their new employees so, you need to secretly get information on the salary or wages paid by the company.If not, you remain unemployed.

3. Terrible Online Presence : You may not easy employment if you have some funny online activities with such terrible act like nude pics, gambling, fraud, violence etc. To get a job, you need to screen your activities and ensure you do educative and informative that are free or porn, violence and harsh related contents

4. Lateness: If you are fond of getting late to places especially for job interviews, then you may not hired by companies that really pays because lateness usually sends wrong signals to your employers about you. You may look irrelevant due to your lateness to work or interviews, you only need to get the ability of getting early to any job interviews you are scheduled for

 5.  Bad CVWhen a resume is too broad, not well arranged and contains so many irrelevant stories about your career, then you may never get a call for work with that. To get a good job or get employed, you need a well arranged resume with relevant information relating to the job you seek. Get a well arranged cv free of stories and see the change.

These are reasons you may never get employed which you may need to make some adjustment and get the desired job. Thanks for reading as you make the change.



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