8 Things You Need to Start a Niche Blog

There are many ways to make money online in which a niche blogging is one of them. Creating a Niche Blog is not too stressful compared a multi topic blog but success as been recorded from one of my niche blog and other bloggers on how easy it is to start a niche blog and make money from it.

What is Niche Blog? A niche blog can simply be described as a blog which are specific in topic, deals with a particular area of topic and are straight in contents. For instance, if a  create a niche blog on Insurance, then the topics and post on such site or blog will be related to insurance and nothing less. Topics like " Best Insurance, Top Affordable Insurance for cars, Automobile Insurance benefits, Health care insurance, Life Insurance and many more.
Niche Blog
Before you could decide to start a Niche blog even in this state or country, you need the following;

1. Pick a Good Topic for the Niche: you need to pick a good niche and mostly profitable niche can boring but there are many advertisers for such niche. Niche like Online degree, Health, Online Education, Health, Domain and Hosting etc are good Niche to start.
2. Create a Free Blog:
You can start a Niche blog using free platforms like Wordpress and Blogger. If you have a good designer, its cost free to start a niche blog with Wordpress which make your blog look professional and can be sold easily

3. Custom Domain Name: Before you can start a Niche site, You need to find a custom domain name and not the free blogspot or .wordpress.com. Spend the little cash you have on choosing the best custom domain name for the niche blog.
4. Hosting:
Before you can start a Niche site, You need to find a reliable hosting service and not the free blogspot or .wordpress.com. Spend your small money on getting the best and reliable web hosting service online you have on choosing the best custom domain name for the niche blog.

5. Theme and Design: 
Use a good, beautiful and responsive template and design for the site. A Niche blog really needs to be easily accessible with easy navigation. These are what people want especially any one that want to buy the site from you.
6. Contents:
Make your post, articles and contents on your Niche blog specific, related to the blog title and must be original, copied contents are usually not good for a niche blog.
7. Seo:
To start a niche blog, your search engine optimization must be sound, white hat and forget using a black hat seo for the blog. You can get this done easily with series of WordPress plugins available online, it can be free or paid plugins but it works.
8. Adverts
: For your Niche blog, be ready to spend few cents on adverts, this will be traffic which later converts to dollars for you. Adverts like Facebook ads, Google adwords, bing ads, yahoo ads etc are recommended for such

These are things you need, things to consider and ideas before you can start a niche blog. Its easy to start and operate if you really understand how its done.



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