7 Ways to Get Site Traffic from United State and UK

Having a blog or website is the best way to earn money online through the blog traffic and site page views/clicks from the site. There are numerous ways a blog or website can make money even in United State and United Kingdom. It means someone whose site or blog has been earning $.06 per day can begin to earn with a drastic increase to $3,4, 6 and many more.
blog traffic

In places like United State, UK, Canada etc, making money from a blog or a site has become a business where your site earn money from clicks on programs like Adsense, Bing, Yahoo and other affiliate programs and get paid directly into your bank account.
To earn money from your website or from your blog, the site needs traffic, clicks and popularity and if you need traffic from United State and Uk for your blog, then read this and start practicing the following tips.

1. Contents:  If you need traffic and visitors to your blog from United State and UK, then you need to write more contents, interesting, original articles and not copied and paste, and good videos. The more you write articles, the more the site earn traffic and visibility on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing and the more traffic the blog get.

2. SE0: A white hat search engine optimization is the best for a site or blog such as keyword, meta tags, inbound links,Outbound links, related post, social network widget etc. WordPress platform site or blogs have nice plugins that guarantee good search engine optimization.

3. Mouth to Mouth; This is telling people, friends, family, relatives, buyers about your website or blog which is fast way to get US and UK Traffic to your blog.

4. Link Exchange: If you to get site traffic from US, Canada and UK, you need to exchange site link with site owners in your topics or niche. Just tell other site owners rspcially in United State or Uk about a link exchange and link to their site and am sure they link back to yours too.

5. Pay Per Click Advertising: You can have US and UK traffic to your blog or site by online  paid advertising programs like Facebook ads and Google adword where you pay by clicks or impression for site traffic to your site and selecting US, Canada and UK as location.Just select carefully the Audience and visit from UK and United State only when registering and you get good traffic from it but it cost some cash

6. Social Networks: To start getting blog traffic from US and UK, you need to also increase your social networks activities like Facebook and Twitter. Just start increasing your twitter followers and Facebook friends with friends from United State and United Kingdom and post relevant contents, they will surely visit your site and that is it.

7. Buy Ads Space: You can also buy ads space like 250 x 250, 350 x 350, 460 x 80, 700 x 90 or 300 x300 adverts banner from blogs with high traffic and authority located in United State or Site/Blogs with huge traffic from UK and US. It works and i can tell you that one of my site get good traffic with this.

Follow the explanations above and have your site or blog get traffic from United State and UK which i believe helps to earn more money from your site especially your Adsense and Yahoo ads. Thanks for reading.



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