6 Online Businesses You Need to Avoid This Year

Its a new year and we will posting some ideas on ways on how to earn some good money online doing businesses online but out of many of the internet businesses some are risky while other should be avoided like plague. 

Business to Avoid

I noticed that if you don't stay away from these money making ways, you may end up not getting paid when you reach payment threshold or you get scammed. Below are Internet/Online Businesses you should avoid while working online to earn money;

1. HYIPS (high Yield Investment Program): HYIPS used to be the best way to earn money through the internet by investing certain amount and getting some profits based on your investment. We tried some and earn good money but as soon as we decided to invest more money, we couldn't login to the site again and that is the end of our investment on the site. My friends and I tried other and we came to a conclusion that most of them are not legitimate and can go offline after a few period.

2. MLM (Multi-Lvevel Marketing): Many people are gradually moving out of this kind of business. Although, it works for some people who started this business earlier and people who had good down line with followers, but many people who started recently do complain of striving more and getting little due to their inability to grow a down line chain. This type of investment and business should be avoided.

3. Blogging: Blogging is one of the best way to make money online these days. Its very reliable, smart but takes time especially if you want to earn cash from your blog. But its should be avoided by those who could not create original contents, copy and paste writers and those who need fast cash. It requires patient and some tweaks but if you cant get enough knowledge, then quit blogging and face other ways to earn money.

4. Online Paid Surveys: Taking paid surveys can only be interesting and lucrative if you are working online with real and legitimate surveys site that pays. You create time to fill online surveys and get paid few dollars after successful completion but many surveys site do not pay their workers especially if you have not means of required payment like PayPal or if you aren't living in the areas where such site accept users, then you should stop this and face other things

5. Get-Paid-to: Making money from programs such as get paid to read emails, get paid to surf, get paid to browse etc are recently flagged as bad ways to earn money online. Most of these programs are not legitimate and do not pay their workers when they reach threshold.

6. Sport Bets: Sport betting is risky but fast way to earn money on the internet. Predicting odds or score of soccer event around all leagues of the world. You may earn money and lose it within few minutes. No matter how you get knowledge, its not a good business and you may lose a your cash at once. Gambling is Gambling and you really need stay away from these.

These are online businesses you should stay away from and just don't think of starting this business to make money but with adequate information  and clarification that you can earn with it especially with proof of earnings then stick with it. Thanks for reading.



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