10 Ways to Increase a Blog or Site Traffic in Nigeria

A blog or website is one of the best way to make money online through the traffic and page views derived from the site. There are so many ways a blog or site could earn money even in Nigeria. It means someone whose site or blog has been earning $.50 per day can still earn more if more effort are put into it.

blog traffic

In many part of the world, blogging and making money from a blog has become a business where you make money from clicks gotten from the site on programs like Adsense, Bing, Yahoo and other affiliate programs. 
To make money from a site or from your blog, your site needs traffic and for people who lives in Nigeria or who wants Nigerian traffic, do the following and have your traffic increased;

1. Contents:  If you are in Nigeria, you won a blog or website and you want an increase in blog traffic, then you need to write more contents 1.e write more interesting and original articles and videos. The more you write, the more the site has more visibility on search engines and the more traffic you get. 

2. SE0: Having a good white hat search engine optimization is the best for your blog such which includes site keyword,meta tags, site links, related post, widget etc. WordPress platform blog already have good plugins that can automatically do that as well as bloggers too while in Nigeria

3. Word of Mouth; This invloves telling people, friends, family, relatives, customers about your blog is another good way to increase a site traffic in Nigeria. The same way other people in the rest of the world those, so also you too can get the traffic you want.

4. Link Exchange: If you want an increase in site traffic, you need to exchange url link with other blog owners in your niche. Simply notify other site owners about a link exchange which appears on blogs you read especially if the site you are linking to is a high traffic site.

5. Pay Per Click Advertising: You can increase the traffic to your site a paid advertising media such as Facebook ads and Google adword where you pay few cents on clicks or impression to your blog or website link. Facebook and Google already have millions of users that are ready to visit your site based on payment allocated per click

6. Social Networks: To increase or have a boost in blog traffic in Nigeria, you need to also increase your social networks interactions such as Facebook or Twitter. This can be done by increasing your twitter followers and Facebook friends which brings more social networks engagements.

7. Buy Ads Space: You can also buy cheap ads space of any size especially 250 x 250 or 300 x300 adverts banner from blogs with high traffic and authority. It works and i can tell you that one of my site get good traffic from it.

These are ways you can increase your site or blog traffic with maximum conversions. Follow the explanations above and have your site generate good income for you through it traffic.



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