10 Good Books That Can Make You Rich

I read books and right now, am going to share the list of my favorite business and money making  books. Its not that the books will get you rich immediately or overnight but some good books contain some ideas to make money, earn extra cash, invest, start ups, business etc are given in such books.

Book for Riches

When it comes to riches, getting wealth or doing business for profit, i read such books a lot but below are recent books i have read while currently reading some but i can the change in my thinking and effort towards getting more money.

The Top 10 or Best Books that can make you rich includes;

1. The Millionaire Fast lane -  By  DJ Macro

2.  Think and Grow Rich   -  By Napoleon Hill

3.  The Richest Man in Babylon  -  By George Samuel

4.  The Uncommon Dream  -  By Mike Murdock

5.  How to Stop Worrying and Start a Living - By DaleCarnegie

6.  The Lean Start Ups - Eric Ries

7.  The Power of Your Subconscious Mind - By Harry Carpenter

8.  Entrepreneur revolution - By Daniel Priestley

9.  Rich Dad Poor Dad  - By Robert Kiyosaki

10.  The Everything Store  - By Matthew  Dixon

If you are business owner, start ups, investor and an Entrepreneur, these are business books that will get you going on your feet. The title of the books as well as their Authors are posted above. Get them, read, develop yourself and start making more money to become rich. Thanks for reading. 



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