10 Best Sites for Importation Business in Nigeria

Its very Possible to Start an Importation business in Nigeria and make money doing this business without leaving the country. You can start importation various stuffs online and getting them delivered to you in Nigeria with ease using some reliable site that also accept Nigerians.

Below is a list of site which i regard as the best to start an importation business in Nigeria and they accept PayPal as a mode of Payment which works well in Nigeria as well as other E-Currency or Western Union payment.

You could decide to start importing various materials, stuffs like electronics, cloths, phones, computers, Watches, Bags, Shoes, Kitchen Utencils, Books and many more. The best and top rated site for such importation business includes;

1. Dhgates

2. Amazon

3. Ebay

4. AliExpress

5. New Egg

6. CraigList

7. EverBuying

8. IPmart

9. Cellular Country

10. Foxaza

You can start your importation business and shipping using the site above. The payment system as been proven to be the best and simplest of all and many of us and other people who has been using this for importing items online from United State, Uk, Hong Kong, Canada etc really enjoy the services they provide on the sites.

Just Google for more information about these sites, check their shipping fee because some offer free shipping especially foxaza and others but do not fall for online importation scam. DHgates has been wonderful and as well as AliExpress.tThe site above are the best for importation business or to start importation of goods from abroad, just try and see how it works. Thanks for reading.



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