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30 Recommended Part Time Jobs for the New Year

Just few days and hours to the new year 2015, we will like to post a recommended list of part time jobs that has worked very well in 2014 and hence, the best recommended part time jobs for the year 2015. Part Time Jobs are described as an alternative to real full time work. Based on one reason of the other e.g lack of college degree, location, hours of work etc. Many people prefers to engaged themselves with part time jobs just to earn some cash or make some extra money. Read Also -   What are Work at Home Jobs?   There are work from home part time jobs which are internet based while there are other part time jobs aside online but are called offline. Listed below is a collection of online part time jobs and offline part time jobs that are best for the new year. It includes;   Photography  Event Planner  Cake Baking  Biscuit Making  Blogging  Paid Surveys  Baby Sitting   Car Cleaning  Sweet Making  Hair Dressing/Barbing Salon  Catering   Computer Engineer/T

How to Use a Free Website to Promote Your Small Business

Am going to be giving out information on how to use a free website like blogger or WordPress to promote your small business and still make good profit from it. Just recently, we gave information on  " Where to get a free website for small business " where we discussed different ways on how you start a blog for your small business. The different ways to use a free website or a blog to promote or advertise your small business to people includes; 1. Facebook ads: This is a paid advertising program from Facebook which can be used to expose your business website to thousands of people with your money. You only need to advertise your business website using the best ad type from Facebook while the site or blog get traffic in return 2. Google Adwords : This also work like Facebook ads but has more coverage, traffic and exposure than Facebook ads. Its own by Google and best used to advertize a site or blog to drive traffic to a site while the business get a boost. Read A

How to Make Money on YouTube in Nigeria

How can i Make Money from YouTube in Nigeria? There are many ways you can make some money online in Nigeria which one of them is YouTube. YouTube is a video social networks site where you watch videos, listen to video or podcast and the simple way to earn money online from YouTube even in Nigeria is through video views which means the number of people watching the videos You can make money from YouTube in Nigeria through the two methods described below and get paid directly into your preferred bank account; 1. Google Adsense : When you have interesting and original video created by you or you got the license of a video, you can make money from the video by driving traffic to the video through Facebook, Twitter, Bing , Google etc. If the video is original then, you need to monetize the video and the traffic with Adsense just to earn some cash from Adsense. Just at the top of the video manager, you will see the monetize widget, follow the processes and ads will start to display wh

How to sell a Home On the Internet

Its very possible to sell your property which may be a home online and make a considerable profit from it. Just like the normal way you sell something by placing a for sale on it, the same way you do to the house/home you want to sell and advertise by placing a tag on it i.e Homes for Sale" Read Also - Stay at home jobs for Moms Selling a home online is very possible and the fastest way to advertise your Home for Sale can be done in two ways which includes; 1 . Take Photographs of the home/house for sale with valid documents on proof of ownership and upload to your a free website, Facebook wall or page and drive traffic to such using a Facebook paid adverts. Such below the link, you will see "Boost this Post" The essence of using Facebook paid adverts to promote the pics or links to thousands of people with your money, this will deduct your money based on clicks or impression 2 . The second method of adverting your "home for sale" is to place them on

How to Get a Free Facebook Ads Coupon Code Through Survey Site

Am given out this information on how and ways to get a Facebook paid advert coupon code using a paid survey panel, i tried this and it works which means it can also work for you too. A Coupon code is an affiliate code which give a good, fixed and reduced discount from a buyer to a seller at discount price. Hence, the Facebook ads coupon code also gives a discount on the total amount of Facebook ads. It means you can make advert on Facebook using this coupon code and you see your adverts live on Facebook   Read Also - Top 5 Survey Site that Pays Your Facebook ads coupon can help you run your ads at discount to thousands of fb users which in return brings traffic to your business site, business, products, services and many more. Where to Get the Facebook Ads Coupon? You can get this Coupon freely by registering with one of the best paid survey site online which is 'Toluna' . Toluna is a paid survey site which pay it users by answering questions and filling online survey

How to Make Money from Google Adsense in Nigeria

Can i Make Money Online from Adsense in Nigeria? This question was asked by a one of our readers in Nigeria who want to know the best way to earn money from Google Adsense in Nigeria. Google Adsense is one of the best way to make money in the United State, UK, Canada, and other part of Europe, Asia and the rest of the world but work at home workers in Nigeria are not left out. You can actually make money from the internet using Google Adsense in Nigeria and the good news here is that Google just introduced a direct bank payment for Adsense account holders.     Ways to Make Money Through Google Adsense in Nigeria You can make money from Google Adsense and get paid to directly to your bank account in Nigeria through the following; 1. Blog : One of the best way to make money from Google Adsense in Nigeria is to open a free website or blog and start adding contents which is known as blogging. You can start a blog using two platforms called blogger or WordPress . Blogger accept