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Paid Surveys: 5 Reasons People Are Not Making Money from Paid Surveys

Paid surveys is one of the oldest and best way to make money on the internet and many people who started earlier have already make some cash taking paid surveys online. Although many internet workers believe its an old fashioned way to work and earn money online but not really a waste of time. There are some legitimate Online Survey that still pays their workers directly into their paypal account or any other online payment gateway they are using. There are many reasons why i could not make money from surveys when i started then but now, i thinks its a good way to earn only if you have good information. For instance, Pinecone Research, Opinion Outpost and Globaltestmarket are reliable.   Read Also - 3 Best Survey Sites That Pays By PayPal Reasons why people do not or aren't making enough money from paid surveys includes; 1. Tricks on Profile : One of the reasons people fail to make money from Paid Surveys is due to lack of properly filled profile information and unde

How to Analyze Your Website For Speed, Seo and Mobile

If you are a site or blog owner and you seek help on how to analyze your website for greater performance, then you are reading the right post for your blog or site search engine popularity.  Read Also - How to Grade Your Website Its good to analyze your site many times so that you can adjust any errors it might encounter. You can check the speed of your site, search engine optimization level, desktop analysis, mobile seo analysis and other tools. You can get the best analysis record your site in terms seo (search engine optimization) , mobile,desktop etc of using the site link below. Google PageSpeed Insight Feed The Bot The sites listed above gives the best analysis and records in terms of site speed, mobile performance, desktop performance and how you can fix suggested errors on the site. Remember your site is your business and the best way you can improve its visibility on search engine is to correct errors,seo,good contents,plugins and be on top of search results

6 Things I Do When Am Short of Cash

I once realize that i was actually getting broke, running short of cash, lack money to start any business but i quickly put myself together by investing my time into some online or offline kind of business which in return has been helping me earn some extra money aside my low paying job. Are You Short of Cash? If truly you are short of cash and you really need to do something about this, then you need to find ways to make extra money from few business or you need to invest your time in other business that brings money. You may not change your job but add or learn something extra. Some which includes; 1. Start an Online Business : This is involves doing some Online business to earn some extra cash such as affiliate marketing, selling something, Google Adsense, Paid surveys, Selling advert space on blogs, article writing. micro jobs etc. Read Also - 5 Things you need to know before going into a Business 2. Soccer Bets; This is one of the risky way to make money online by pr

5 Things to Consider Before Choosing an Online Payment Gateway

I see various complains on various blog, forums or website on how people are faced with problems of receiving and sending payments online through payment gateway services and i decided to give out some tips in choosing the best. There are many online payment gateway services but only a few are reliable with good trust about their payment services. But you really need to consider the following before choosing a payment gateway services to receive and send money online; Read Also - How to Earn with PerfectMoney 1. Reputation : One of the thing to choose from an online payment services is the reputation of such site which has been build over a long time ago. You also need to check the payment gateway credibility and user experience. For instance, PayPal is the best Payment gateway which is used all over the world. The quality of service and fast way to resolve and send customer funds is highly respected. 2. Security : When picking an online payment gateway or service, the lev

Top 7 Google Product For Your Business

Many people refers Google as the internet itself which means the internet is Google and in one way or the other, you can use Google to promote your business or earn money from Google through it numerous products. Google products which includes YouTube,Gmail,Maps,Drive,Adwords,Blogger,Analytics,Adsense and many more. They all have their significances in your business and help improve your business to a greater height for more profits. Read Also - How to Earn on Google Without a Website Below are top Google Products am recommended for you to help boost your business either small business or large. It includes; 1. Gmail: Based on the security of your business transactions. Gmail is a reliable email service that help deliver messages, files, pics, videos etc. Its also serves as the login to other Google products.So its highly recommended you use gmail as your email services. 2. YouTube : This is a video sharing network which can help promote your business in a video format and ens