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How to Make Money From Home in Nigeria

There are many ways to make money from home in Nigeria without paying any body a dime. You may decide to earn money at home using your internet connected devices which may be a computer or mobile phone but it certain that you will get paid doing such. Making Money from home in Nigeria is popular called online business because it involves you sitting in front of your computer, work online and get paid for your effort right here in Nigeria. Read Also - How to Earn Money Online in Nigeria Its as easy as anything to make money on the internet in Nigeria but its can be done at leisure time, at home or at the place of work. Although may work from home jobs takes time and may not be a get quick rich scheme but with time, energy and skill you put, you make profit at the end just like any other business you do for real. The list of Things you can do to make money from home in Nigeria includes; 1. Article Writing 2. Google Adsense 3. YouTube Videos 4. Paid Surveys 5. Blog

How to Make Money From Adsense Without A Website or Blog

Google Adsense is the biggest online advertising program for blog or website owners to make money through their website by placing Google adverts on their blog to earn money through clicks or impression gotten from it. Google Adsense is one of the oldest way to make money online and also the best way for a site with huge readers or traffic. But people with neither a website or blog site can also make money from Google Adsense directly into their bank account through the mean described below. Ways to Earn Money from Google Adsense Without a Blog or Website You can actually make money online from Adsense even if you have no blog but twitter followers, Facebook fans or YouTube Subsribers which involves,    Read Also -   How to Make Money on YouTube 1. YouTube Videos : A common way to make money from Adsense without a blog or website is through your own original videos.You only need to create original videos from any event, teaching, music, sport, tutorials etc. After

How to Pay for DSTV Subscription Online in Nigeria

  If you want to pay for Dstv subscription or Renew your payment through the internet without going to the bank, there are various ways to do this and it includes. 1 . On your internet connected pc or mobile phone, visit and make payments at  eaZymoney   2 . Visit and register your dstv info and pay @ myPaga   3. Dial *909# on your mobile network. 4 . Buy Scratch bank at Fcmb This are ways to renew or pay for your dstv subscription without going to the bank but online. You may not need to go to the bank and queue but every payment can be done online. Thanks for reading.

5 Way To Avoid Claims Of Online Stealing

I am sure we all must have heard the issue going on with Linda Ikeji , but have we learnt any lesson from what happened to her. Plagiarism is something that can easily be overcome just give credit to whom it is due and below are some other ways of overcoming plagiarism  Read Also - 6 Qualities a Good website Must Have Learn To Write. Some bloggers are plain lazy. Just copy and paste whatever stories they see and move on. However it will not take anything away from you if you sit down and write something. Even if the news is general knowledge try to write your own words as opposed to copy and paste. Reference Others There are times when you might want to copy and paste a sentence or post you have seen because it’s just perfect. There is nothing wrong with lifting the post only if you reference whoever you are getting the post from. Negligence on this issue is what brought Linda Ikeji’s blog down. Get a Guest Writer If you know you are too busy with ot

Online Money Making Methods That Actually Works

I'm going to be factual on this post, i am also going to list a few sites that actually pays to work online or earn money online and show also to you the systems that works and how many of us have been making money online. Which ever country you are located either in the USA , Canada, UK,China or any part of Africa ,you cam make money online legitimately with your internet connected computer or phones and smile to the bank to claim your cash. What are the Online Businesses that actually works? This question was asked by a reader who really wants to know which on the internet business actually pays people. And it includes; 1. Monetizing YouTube Videos with Adsense : I have been paid several by this method and the earnings where added to my existing Adsense account. Just create original videos and monetize with Google adsense, drive traffic and that all. 2. Adsense : Making money through your blog is a system that works quite well for everyone. It may not be a get ri

How to Add Facebook Pop Up Like Box on Blogger

The Facebook Pop Up Like box is one of the must have widget every bloggers must use to get an increase in the social networks interactions and Facebook likes. Many visitors on a site may have no choice than to like the post before reading or performing an task on the site. In return it brings traffic but how do we add this Facebook Pop Up Like Box on Blog on Blogger platform. 1 . Just Login to your Blogger Dashboard 2 . Just beside the View Blog or Create Post , You will see a drop down arrow and just tick it 3 . A list appears and carefully locate Layout 4. Click on Add a Gadget on any side you want 5 . Scroll down to Add Html Javascript 6.  Locate YourPageUsername  on the codes below and replace with Your Facebook Page Url   <link rel="stylesheet" href="" /> <script src=""></script> <script src="http://co

Photo: Hip Hop Highest Paid Act- Jay Z

Jay Z is the second Highest Paid Hip Hop Artist according to forbes with a net worth of $60million in tie with P Diddy who also occupies the second spot on the rank. People see Jay Z as the king of hip hop and rap but i see him as a high money maker who earn big from hip hop music. His wealth grows when he recently releases an Album whom Samsung bought a million copies, 68 Concert in the shortest period and his D'usse'Cognac . Kudos to Jay Z for his achievement and money making ways through rap music. Thanks

How to Start an Online Business in Nigeria

Recently, we posted on how to start an Online business in the United State of America and i see the need to also post to our Nigerian viewers on starting an online business and getting paid in Nigeria. The internet services in Nigeria is really improving with an enhance internet banking system, online payment gateways and the intorduction of Paypal coming to Nigeria for various online transactions. This makes Nigerians engage in various online business and getting paid for their internet transactions even in Nigeria. Read Also - How to Start an Online Business in Nigeria You can start an Online Business in any part of Nigeria to gain for extra money, popularity,sales and profit in addition to salary work which may not be enough. To start your internet business in Nigeria, then you need to consider the following; 1. Payment Services : Before you can start a business online in Nigeria, you need to have a secure means of receiving or sending payments online. This is imp

How to Start an Online Business In the United State

The United State or any other part of America seems to be the place of commerce and business because many reliable sites, companies are located in the United State. Whether as a mom,dad,college student,housewives,graduate,unemployed etc. You also can start any Internet business with the information we will be providing as you read on. You can start your Online Business for extra money, part time or full time in any town or state in America. To start your internet business in America, then you need to consider the following; 1. Payment Gateway : Before you can start a business online, you need to have a means of receiving or sending payments. This is essential for cash out or for online buying and selling. Payment gateways like Paypal, Western Union, Payza, Perfect Money,Checkout,US Account, Credit card,Debit card etc should be registered for. You may not need all but only a few that applies to you. 2. Market : To start an internet business, you need to identify and study yo

7 Best Sites That Hire Freelancers

Freelancing is one of the best and oldest ways to earn money online which still work till date. Many people are really making money as a freelancer but many freelancers seems to find it hard to get hired for freelance jobs. Freelancers get hired easily if they perform good and quality task and offer cheap services. Freelancing is a multi-tasking job and you can easily get hired for your services through the following freelance sites below; 1. Elance 2. Fiverr 3. Odesk 4. Guru Read Also -   How to make money as a freelancer  5. Freelancer 6. Rentacoder 7. Getacoder These are sites where you can easily get hired as freelancer with skill and one which deliver works to clients on time. If you render freelance services like programming, designing, writing, marketing, app development etc and you are good at your freelance works, then quickly head on to the freelance site above, register and post some of your freelance works for people to see. You can make money

When To Start Your Own Business - The Signs

Although not many people do have the courage and business ideas to start a business either a small scale business or large scale but you would have been noticing some signs which tells you are ready to start your business. Some of the signs which tells you are ready to start your own business includes; 1. Business Plan: One of the signs that shows you are about to start your own business is when you see yourself writing business plan every time. If you seek business plan samples and you are already making plans on how to be self employed, this is a sign that you will soon start your own business.   Read Also - 5 Signs You are in a Wrong Business 2. When you are not Afraid to Fail : One of the signs that shows you will soon start a business is when you are really determine and not afraid of failure. Many successful entrepreneurs started by shunning failures but keep trying again and again to become the best. 3. You're not Contented at work : If you are not in any wa

Apple's Iphone 6 Pre-Orders On Fire In China

Image a Chinese web site that appears to be monitoring Apple's iPhone 6 and Iphone 6+ pre-orders on a period basis. I even have started following it and developed a Google Doc with the fourfold I even have knowledge. The first information about this is from Prince Philip Elmer-DeWitt’s article at Fortune that has showing over 2.8 million pre-orders for Apple’s iPhone 6s as evening on Friday Beijing time (8:00 am Friday Pacific time). The article conjointly documented an article that there have been regarding one million iPhones pre-ordered additionally to the 2.8 million. Read Also - Ebay and Paypal to go Separate Ways by 2015 I have read 3 a lot of times (Beijing time) with the subsequent total Apple iPhone pre-orders:     3:30 am Saturday: 2.91 million     7:30 am Saturday: 2.93 million     2:00 pm Saturday: 4.85 million As you'll see from the 3rd and 4th dataset for the half dozen and a 1/2 hours Saturday morning to early afternoon there have been nearly