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How to Transfer Credit Between Mtn to Mtn Network

Can i Transfer money or Credit from my MTN sim to Another? Yes its very possible especially for people in Africa who are using the Mtn Network . I tried to send money from my MTN sim to another Mtn Network using my phone but it didnt work so, i use the following code which works perfectly. *600*Number*Amount*Pin# Follow dial the code above and carefully replacing Number with the person's phone number, Amount with the money you want to spend and your Mobile Pin.   Read Also - MTN Data Bundle Plans Remember that you cant use the default Pin of 0000 to do this but you can easily change your pin by dialing *600*New Pin*New Pin# Doing this helps you transfer credit or balance from your MTN network to another but all on the same MTN network. Thanks

How to Make Money from Pay-for-me Services

Helping people to pay for various transactions either online or offline is referred to as Pay for me services. You can make money helping people pay for product or services online and and still earn some cash from such. There are different ways to earn cash by helping people pay for anything online or offline which includes; 1. PayPal : If you have a working and legitimate PayPal account, there ate so many people who needs your service to help pay online or accept payment on their behave. Many people will like to pay for services like hosting, domain name registration, Facebook or Google ads, items like phones,computers, cloths, etc. Read Also - Top 5 Online Payment Methods 2. Ecurrency: people needs help to pay or convert e-currencies such as perfect money,Egopay,web money,Stp,PayPal etc. 3. POS : You could also help give small amount of cash to people using your POS machine especially for a small amount and add a commission to the deduction from such persons bank debit car

Photo - the Worth of $100 in Each State

The Chart Below shows the worth of $100 dollars in Each State of America. Although, it depends on your state and rate

How to Sell Network Marketing Products

Network marketing is program that enrich and helps people to make money by selling a product or building a chain of followers which later result to earning based on activities of others. The 3 Popular Network marketing popular in this region are GNLD, Tianshi and Greenword . To earn money from network marketing, you need to build a chain of followers, sell more products and train other people on how to sell. The successful network marketers might not tell you how they advance and begin to earn more, but few are listed below; 1 . To speed up your growth rate in network marketing, you need to buy a combo pack. This is the first purchase you make after registration. The combo pack gives automatic promotion to another level with moderate wage or salary Read Also - How to Make Money from Network Marketing 2. You need to learn how to convince people about the product you are selling and the reason why they should buy your product. This can be achieved by getting more and knowledge about