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How to make money from your Internet connected Devices

Internet connected Devices include a personal computer, Laptop and some high end smartphones such as Androids, IPhone and Blackberry are devices used personally and as well can be used to make money. I only want to post on things I do to make money on my internet connected laptop and my Android which has really worked for me. 1 . I earn money using my internet connected phone to play online games such as soccer bets and other games. It's simple, just play bet online using your phone or computer. 2 . Another way earn money is to list and post some of my services on classified ads site where I get calls for a brief work and get paid. 3. I also get paid through my internet doing pay for me services. I help people pay online, register using PayPal or other e-currency exchanges. Read Also - How to Earn Money without Paying any a dime to anyone 4 . Many times, I don't use my internet connected Device for chats alone but for marketing purposes.I market and sell things online

Top 3 Fast Ways to Make Money Online at No Cost

I carefully studied the various ways to earn money on the internet to test the sure and fastest way to make money at no cost and i came up with this short write ups. There are many ways to make money online which has been discussed previously but the fastest way to make money and one which requires no money i.e you will not even spend a dime for adverts or registration are listed below Top 3 Ways to Make Quick Money Online 1. Soccer Predictions : Soccer predictions(Soccer bets) seems to be the fastest way i earn some few cash into my pocket. Its quick because most matches are played at 90mins unless at extra time but very risky. If you are smart, not greedy and ready to start slow, you will see this money making method as the best and fastest way of all the online money making methods.It requires no money, website, advertisement cost but only your time and internet connected computer or phone.    Read Also - 12 Fast Ways to Earn Money Online 2. YouTube : Getting Cash Online quickly

How to Choose the Best Online Business

Online Business is a smart way to earn money at home using an internet connected computer. There various way to do online business and choosing the best Online Business depends on few factors which are highlighted as you read on. Read - What is Online Business There are various ways to make money online popularly called Online Business which includes 1. Google Adsense 2. Blogging 3. Sport Prediction(bets) 4. Affiliate Marketing 5. Micro Jobs e.g Fiverr 6. Data Entry 7. Paid Surveys 8. Football Trading 9. Forex 10. Ads Space Sales All the listed way are types of Online Business you can do to Earn money Online but you need these facts before choosing or picking any one of these to start.   1. PAYMENT METHOD : Before choosing any Online Business, you need to be sure of the Payment method in which the best still remains PayPal, Payoneer, Bank Deposit, Perfect Money, Western Union and many more. 2. THRESHOLD OR CASH OUT : The duration or cash attained to cash out is a good thing to

Photo of the day - Blessing Okagbare

She is a Nigerian, a Sprint Athletes, She won Gold Medal at the Commonwealth games 2014 where she became the fastest woman at 100m race.    Read Also - Africa Richest Woman Although she is into sport but a good representaion of Africa and an Entrepreneur in the area of sprint. Kudos to Blessing Okagbare

How to Choose the Best Paid Surveys Site

Paid Surveys is one of the best way to make money online for students, youths, dad, moms , Unemployed etc. Taking Paid surveys involves filling out a questionnaire about companies, products, website, new products etc and getting paid for your time spent on it. Despite taking surveys for earning money online is good, it has its own set backs and picking the best survey site to work with should be a priority. In order not to waste time taking surveys for companies and not getting paid, then you need this guidelines to choose the best paid surveys site.   Read Also - Is Paid Surveys Still Profitable 1. Time on Surveys : Before choosing a survey site, you need to investigate from people, forums, sites on the time usually spent per survey. You need to select a surveys site with short surveys duration and sites that pays for the time. 2. Cash out : You need to select and choose a survey site whose cash out is instant, weekly or at the end of the month. Most survey sites are sca