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Fact: How to Make Money from Ebola

According to research, Ebola disease was said to have been contacted through infected bats or other primates like monkeys. Its was also said that the Disease originated from West Africa and fast spreading round Africa and to the the rest of the world. How do people make money from Ebola ?  Since Ebola is a disease and it cure has not been found yet, the best way for the business minded people is to find cure or vaccine to this disease am sure you are going to make quite lot of money from this especially in West - Africa. Other ways to make money from Ebola includes: 1. Vaccines or Drugs : You can make money from Africans in Africa by providing cures or vaccines to Ebola Disease which has recently killed more than 500 people in West- Africa. This is the best Business idea anybody can give when it comes to make money from a Disease such as Ebola   Read Also - Why you need to Invest in Africa 2. Test Kit : Many Africans and hospitals have no test kit to sell to people.

How to Use YouTube to Promote a Business

YouTube is the biggest and most used video social networks in the world and globally online. YouTube is owned by Google inc and popularly used for watch videos for fun, entertainment, sport, goals, music video, business and for promotion. You can use YouTube to promote your products or services for people to view and use but will later bring income for you when someone watch a video and buy from you. This is called Business. Read Also - How to Promote YouTube Videos YouTube can be used to make popular, promote and advertise a business for free or paid and can bring a remarkable turn around for a business when properly used. The steps in using YouTube to promote a Business includes; How to Promote a Business With YouTube Make a video of your products or services Upload the video on YouTube  Share Video on Social Networks like Facebook or Twitter Share videos on Instagram or Pininterest Advertise video of business with paid option on YouTube Advertise Business video w

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How to Secure and Protect Your Password

Your Password is the key and login information to various online practices such as internet banking, mail, website, social networks etc. Especially if you are in Business and your are making some profit which may be online business or offline even your bank details, passwords are required and must be protected. Protecting and securing your password prevents scams, fraud or unauthorized access into your account online and i felt i should post few ways you can protect your password from hack, fraud and scams. A Russian hacker recently posted on how he was able to hack over a Billion usernames and password worldwide which means you need to protect yours too. Read Also -  How to Protect Your Blog from Hack Ways to Protect your Password Use longer words not less than 8 - 12 for password i.e make your password long. Use combination of numbers, symbols,Letter, Upper case, Cap locks for password  Avoid common letter or word like 12345, 1234,00000, 00000, 11111,abced, abc etc

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How to Get Traffic to a Site

Getting and increasing traffic to a site or blog always seems to be a tough challenge faced by most site owners and blogger who needed good traffic to their blog or site. According to my findings, getting real quality traffic to a site as fast as possible or as quick as possible can be achieved simply by engaging in; Quality and original contents Quality Search Engine Optimization Service Keyword usage Social networks e.g Facebook or Twitter Paid ads e.g Google Adwords or Facebook ads Good Design Read Also - How to Make Money Online Blogging All these i know but while i was searching for a free way to get traffic to a site, i stumble on this few quotes written by a co-blogger and i really works for me big time. 1. Write. 2. Write more. 3. Write even more. 4. Write even more than that. 5. Write when you don’t want to. 6. Write when you do. 7. Write when you have something to say. 8. Write when you don’t. 9. Write every day. 10. Keep writing. Read Also