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3 Best Paid Survey Sites That Pay by PayPal

Taking paid surveys is one of the best and oldest ways to make money through the internet either as youth, teenager, mom, dad etc. Some surveys site are really reliable which I've been paid by such sites into my Paypal account few weeks back. I thought many paid survey sites are scam but i was quick to identify some legitimate ones and i work and earn from them. Read Also - How to Start Taking Paid Surveys The money earned from surveys may not be much, but i can tell you i was paid by these 3 sites listed below and cash payment was sent into my PayPal account in this country. Top 3 Paid Survey Site that Pay by Paypal 1. Toluna : On Toluna, you take surveys and earn point in form of rewards which may be cash out as gift items from Amazon or other online store. You can also redeem your point as cash into your PayPal at 60,000point = 20 or you prefer cash to be donated to charity. 2. Opinion Outpost : This site is also reliable in the sense that they pay by PayPal when points ar

How to Subscribe for MTN Night Plan of 4.5Gig

I noticed that the best internet bundles and plan for a computer, Android, Iphone, Windows phone is the MTN Night plan at N2,500 This plan makes you browse at fast speed on any device for a period of 30 days on the MTN Network. Its called a night plan because it works freely at night between 9pm to 6am interrupted.    See Also - MTN Data Bundle Plans How to Subscribe for Mtn Night Plan at N2,500 1. Load N2,500 on your phone or mtn modem 2. Send 102 to 131 3. You will instantly receive a message or notification of you having 4.5gig 4. Then Start Browsing Read Also - How to Borrow Airtime on MTN Networks It cost N2,500 with a data capped of 4.5gig. 1.5gig as a free bonus and 3gig for night browsing. Note : You have a data bonus of 1.5gig which can be used anytime of the day until it finish. Immediately, Mtn switch you to their night plan where you get 3GIG to browse all night. 

Question of the Day - Women in Currency

Do you like having women images in Currency like Dollars, Pounds, Euros, Yen etc ? Having some of the greatest and powerful women in the world on currency notes. Does this sound good. Although the president of the United State Barack Obama says its pretty good. Do you like to see women images on currencies ?  If yes, use the comment box below to pass a message, support or give a reason on this issue. Thanks for reading.  

10 Things you Need to Know While in College

The primary motive of a student of a student is to learn, study, read, pass and become a professional but there are few things we need to know during schooling which are much more than reading and passing and you may not be taught while in college.      There are things the college may not probably tell you which you need to know. Is either you read, act and work on the information yourself. It includes, 1. Best Grade : While you are in college, you need to have it at the back of your mind that you must excel, read hard and bag the best grade. Its helpful and also the requirement to work in best place after schooling. Read Also - How to Make Money as a Student 2. Make Money : You need to figure out what method is works best for you in money making. Is either you engage in some buying and selling, online business , take surveys, blog, sport bets etc College is a place to get such ideas but yourself 3. Start a Business : While in college, you only learn to study, make researc

America's Top 10 Colleges : 2014

This is a list of top ranked Colleges in America in 2014. There are several other schools that makes the list of top 100 colleges in the United State but this is just the10 best Colleges in America for 2014. According to forbes, these schools are well equipped in every aspect and not only in Technology, Engineering, Maths, Science and others like Art.. The top colleges includes; No 10  -     Amherst College -  Amherst, Massachusetts NO 9   -      United State Military Academy - West Point, New York NO 8   -     Pomona College   -   Claremont, California No 7    -      Harvard University   -   Cambrige, Massachusetts No 6   -       Yale University       -      New Haven , Connecticut No 5    -      Massachusetts Institute of Technology   - Cambridge, Massachusetts   No 4  -      Princeton University     -     Princeton, New Jersey No 3   -      Swarthmore College   -   Swarthmore, Pennslyvania No 2   -      Standford University     -  Standford, Cal

How to Subscribe for 20mb on Glo with N100

The aim of this post is to provide our readers with the cheapest data subscription from Glo network with as low as N100 which gives 20mb to browse freely on your phone, pc or Android. You can subscribe to get this glo internet plan by sending   51 to 127 right there on your phone. and immediately get a message confirming your subscription to the Glo day plan. It only last for 24hrs with very fast speed of browsing. Read Also - Glo Data Bundle Plans To check the Remaining Data Plan The glo internet service will send a notification for the remaining mb of data regularly buy you can also check by sending status to 777 where you get the reply showing the remaining plan. This Plan is only N100, fast and can be used on any device such as Andriod, Java, Window and Iphones.  We give ideas on Money making tips and when we see information that helps, we post it for our readers to see. Thanks for reading Earn Online  

Android or Blackberry - Which is Best for Business

The Blackberry and Androids phones are both smart phones capable of doing other aside receiving phone calls. Both Phones can be used for business such as Internet Business, Sport Business or real offline business Which is Better - Android or Blackberry? This question was asked by a reader who is much interested in knowing the preferred phone suitable for business. The question is open for other readers to answer but based on some factors, we will be highlighting some facts below showing the preferred. Why Android is Better than Blackberry for Business   1. Google Play : The Google is the popular market place for Android Phones where million of developers post their mobile applications for use unlike Blackberry which has only few mobile apps developers. The Google apps store contain thousands of apps that can be used for business for example, Apps for easy access to bank accounts, Payment system such as PayPal , Perfect money, Skrill, Western Union etc Read Also -  Top 7 site

5 Things to do with a YouTube Account

YouTube is the biggest video social networks on the internet where videos can be posted, shared and viewed for free. What can I do with my YouTube Account? This is a question asked by one of our readers. There are so many things you can do with YouTube or your YouTube Account which includes; 1. Make Money Online - Earning money from YouTube is sure and that's one of the thing you can use it for. You make money from your videos posted on YouTube simply by integrating online advertising program like Adsense, AdWords, Facebook ads, Yahoo or Bing. 2. Promote Products - One of the ways to use a YouTube is to Use your YouTube account to promote a business, product or services simply by making videos of the product or business and posting on YouTube for people to see, get attracted to your products and buy from you. Read Also - How to Promote YouTube Videos 3. Get Information : YouTube can be used as a source of information such as news, facts, ffindings,research and new things. You

How to Earn Money from Skrill

Skrill is a popular Online payment system which allow users to send and receive money form any part of the world. You can also use Skrill to send gift items, make payment for shopping online and also to receive cash. Skrill ca be conveniently used to pay online, send money and receive cash instantly from anywhere in the world. Skrill is like an alternative to Paypal when it comes to Online payment for goods or services. You control your login detail and ensure it safe. Skrill operate like a online bank account which gives you opportunity to buy, pay, receive money online with ease but how do people Earn Money from Skrill? is what we want to give now How to Make Money with Skrill  You can make money online from Skrill Online Payment System by ;

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