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Video - How to start a Small Business Centre in Nigeria

How to Promote a Video Online

This aim of this post is to let our readers get new ideas and ways on how to promote their videos online for people to see. You can promote promote your video on the internet and make it go viral thousands of people to see and still earn money from the video. The video can be inform of entertainment, business, personal, how-to etc with little or no cost and still make money from it with time. The requirement includes; Internet connected Pc Internet connected phone Facebook account Twitter Account YouTube Account As long as the videos you created are original and not copyrighted material then you can start. What you need to do to promote the video is to get the video on your computer or device, convert or compress the video using video editing software or converters   Read Also - How to Make Money on YouTube You only need to upload the converted video on your YouTube Channel, Publissh the video and spread it using your  Facebook wall Twitter Followers Blogger or Wo

Hotmail vs Gmail

Hotmail also known as is a free personal email service offered by Microsoft while Gmail is also a free email service from Google Inc. Both Gmail and Hotmail(Outlook) are both free email service that allow users to send and receive free short sms, emails and chats . Gmail and Hotmail provides instant chat for users and are both used as login info for many sites like Facebook or Twitter as well as many other site. Email service from Microsoft(Hotmail) used to be the most popular until recently when Gmail is gradually taking over yahoo mail and Hotmail in terms of mail service and programs. Hotmail or Outlook is associated to Bing, MSN and some Yahoo product but the gmail is fast becoming the best due to it relevance in other Google product either as login or to register. The Population of Andriod and YouTube users also is a big advantages to Gmail. Read Also - Yahoomail vs Gmail In terms of Money making online, Gmail from Google Inc is having more ed

5 Best Sites to Buy US Used Phones

Are you looking for good sites where you could make an order for US cheap and used phones like Androids, Iphone, Blackberry,Windows Phone, Tablet Pc, Ipads, Laptops etc. These are tops site that offer cheap and reliable sales online with trusted and fast delivery with easy form of online payment such as Paypal. Must Read   : 10 High Demanding product for Importation Business You can buy or place order for these phones online and get it delivered to your doorstep only if payment terms where accurately accepted and confirmed. You could also make purchase for new or used United State Phones or computers form these sites. Top Sites to Buy US Used Phones or Tablets Online 1. Ebay 2. Amazon 3. Aliexpress Must Read   :     how to buy/sell Online 4. Dhgates 5. Criaglist These are reliable sites where you can buy US Used or New Phone or tablet devices like Andriods, Blackberry, Ipads, Smartphones, computers etc in large quantity or small quantity at redu

Entrepreneur of the Week - Christiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese known Athlete Christiano Ronaldo has been picked as the Entrepreneur of the week for the first time. Age 29, Christiano Ronaldo's Earnings is $80million in which the primary source of wealth is from soccer. He's currently ranked as the #30 Forbes 100 Celebrity in the world. He earns huge salary worth $52million from Real Madrid Fc and Mega sponsorship deals of about $28milllion (Emirates, Tagheure, Toyota, Samsung) which makes him rich and highly paid in soccer.  Read Also - The World's Richest Soccer Team - Real Madrid   The Portugal and Real Madrid star was voted the sport's most valuable player in the world in 2013 for the second time in his career after scoring 69 goals in 59 club and country competitions. Real Madrid rewarded him with a record 5-year contract worth more than $200 million. In May, he went on to help the team win its tenth Champions League title. His commercially good looks have landed him mega sponsorships, like his re

Help : How Can i Make Money Online?

I have seen the internet as the best place to make money , to promote one's brand, a place to blog , a place to have some fun etc. Since we get some of these advantages online, i think i should be able to earn money online using my computer, internet services and time. In my quest to find some reliable make money online site, i stumble on many which promised so much and i never get any from them. While some colleagues claim i can get earn  cash online from good and reliable online site.  During my research to get a reliable Online Money Making site, i saw Google Adsense, Fiverr, Addynamo, Elance, Youtube, Toluna, SurveyCompare ,Inbox Dollars, Warrior forum, Yahoo, MediaNet, and others, based on review from blogs,forum or other review site.  Read Also - How to Make Money From Perfect Money   My search for best way to make money Online sites will definitely favor not only me but some of my readers who need to get money online from some of this money making sites

Is Transport Business a Good Business for Graduates?

I was only trying to figure how lucrative transport business can be in my country and possible ways to make money from it. In this part of Africa, Transport business is really making wave with huge profit but can graduate do this type of Business and find it profitable? Not long ago, i met a commercial bike man whom i taught may be an illiterate but to my surprise, he's a graduate and he explained somethings to me on being a commercial cyclist or bus driver. He also gave vital information on how to start a transport business for money. A graduate may not like to be involved in this kind of Business, but at times it works. The only condition on this type of business is to avoid. See Also - How to Make Money from Transport Business Overload  High price  Neat vehicle or bus.  If its a bus, tricycle, car or motorcycle they can be run in the same way. As a graduate, there are two ways to do this. Its either you buy the car, bike or vehicle get  someone to ride and

How to Tie a Tie

The Watson Family - America's Richest Family

The Watson Family has been named the Richest Family in America as well as the whole world.  According to forbes, the Watson Family is worth $150Billion and primary source of wealth is Wal-mart which is the largest retail store in the world.  Read Also - Entrepreneur of the Week - Jim Walton Wal-Mart still reigns as the world's largest retailer, a far cry from the company started by Sam Walton (d. 1992) and his brother James (d. 1995) in a small Arkansas town in 1962. Fortune they left behind is now split between Sam's three living children (pictured siblings: Jim and Alice Walton) and daughter-in-law, and, to a lesser extent, James' two daughter The Walton Family is ranked at No 1 Richest family in America while the Koch Family -2nd Richest and Mars Family as the 3rd Richest with a net worth $60Billion. This rich families have done great in terms of Entrepreneurship, Business and various Investment. Its a nice thing to celebrate the Rich. Thanks