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How to Earn Money from Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital currency or e-currency used for personal transaction or Business. Bitcoin is a popular international and Online payment method which allow people to send, receive money and exchange e-currency from any part of the world. Bitcoin Payment system can be used to make international transfer of money, make payment for shopping and also to receive cash. This is just a post that will show you not only payment ideas but how to make money   from Bitcoin while using it as an online and e payment method. Aside from using Bitcoin as a fast and easy way to make payment, receive payment, exchange e-currency etc, You can also use Bitcoin to make money through the steps below,

How to Fund PayPal Account in Nigeria

Paypal is the best and fastest Online payment method accepted as a means of payment all over the world and many internet stores, gift shops, banks etc really credit Paypal services as a means of payment such as sending and recieving money. Just recently, Paypal includes Nigeria and other countries into their services where paypal can be operated  as used to pay online for goods, services or any. Many people ask the question on how they can actually fund their Paypal Account in Nigeria   Read Also - Top 5 Online Payment Method The only way to fund your PayPal account in Nigeria is to verify Paypal using your local Nigerian Bank Debit card. If you do so, you are linking your Debit card to your paypal account where you can conveniently pay online through the money on your bank account available on your debit card. Mind you, your card should be either Visa or MasterCard, because that's what paypal requires. Linking your card to your bank debit or credit card is a good

How to Fund Perfect Money in Nigeria

Not long ago, we posted a brief tips on how to fund Perfect Money Currency account but many of our readers are still asking on how to fund Perfect Money in Nigeria Perfect money is an online e-currency account which is widely used all over the world which can be used to make payment, send or receive payment from any part of the world. Perfect money can also be used pay for goods and services online and many international stores accept Perfect Money as a means of Payments. Back to the Question, How to fund your Perfect money in Nigeria? Based on recommendation and what i have used, i have funded my perfect money using one of the certified perfect money exchanger in Nigeria which is naira4dollar To add money to your perfect money account in Nigeria, you only need to  register with naira4dollar \ Read the currency exchange rate Add fund by selecting the amount you want to fund A message will be sent to you containing an account number and your order number, you go to the