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How to Open a Domiciliary Account with GTBank

A domiciliary Account is an account is an account used to make foreign transactions in dollars. It accept dollars can also be used to send currency in dollars to any where in the world especially currency in dollars. Any one engaged in Online business such as buying and selling online, internet marketing and online banking will definitely need a domiciliary account to send or receive funds. This domiciliary Account be opened right here in Nigeria and other part of Africa with Gtbank with ease.   Read Also - 5 Reasons you need a Domiciliary Account There are two ways to open a domiciliary Account with Gtbank which includes; 1. Free domiciliary account for Exixting Gtbank Account Holders 2. Paid domiciliary Account for new Gtbank Users How to Open Free domiciliary Account with Gtbank 1. Get a recent passport 2. Get an Id card (international passport, drivers licence, voters card) 3. Get an Utility bill ( nepa bill or waste payment bill) 4. Get a recent passport photograph 5. Write yo

How to Borrow Money to Start a Business

How can Someone Borrow Money to start a Business? Starting a business or investing in any kind of business involves money which can be gotten from different means. But many may not have money to start a business but instead decide to borrow money for their business. Anything that brings money or profit can be seen as business and when it work, an good Entrepreneur, investor or Business owner will like to spend more money to achieving greater profit but when not available, such person will then borrow money. 6 Ways to Borrow Money for Business. 1. Family and Friends : The easiest way to borrow money to start a business or any investment is to seek money from family and friends. Even the Richest Man in Africa started his Business due to funds from an Uncle who believes in him and borrowed him the money. Read Also ,  How to Overcome the Fear of Starting a Business 2. Commercial Banks : If you have a collateral like land or properties, then the commercial bank is a place to borrow

PHOTO : Floyd Mayweather - World Highest Paid Athletes

This is the pics of the World's Highest Paid Athletes Floyd Mayweather             Photocredit - Forbes The picture above shows the World's Highest Paid Athletes who has made $105million in the last few months and has been cashing and making million of dollars as a boxer. Read more of Floyd Mayweather @ Top Highest Paid Athletes 

5 Things you Need to Know about FIFA World Cup 2014 - Business

I have always wanted to know how lucrative or profitable the FIFA World Cup can be but based on my findings, i decided to post the Business and money making aspect of the FIFA World Cup which starts in few days from now. I call the World Cup a Big Billion Dollar Business where FIFA and other participating teams earn huge amount of money for this world soccer events.  How much will be generated? The FIFA World Cup is Big, big business, big event, Profitable for qualified teams and also for the teams that progresses to the final stage. Below are things you need to know about the world cup and how money are spent;  Read Also ,  the sport business  The World Cup generate $4Billion for fifa  Most income are being generated by Tv Rights and Marketing rights  Its being watched by millions of Viewers  FIFA makes a total payment of $576million to host country and participating teams  Over 3.5Billion people are expected to watch the live events.   The World cup winners will