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Entrepreneur of the Week - Forrest Mars, Jr.

The Billionaire Forrest Mars, Jr . is our site Entrepreneur of the week which is based on poll result recently conducted on the site. At 82, Forrest Mars,Jr still remains the world largest candy maker and was ranked 17th richest man in the United State .                              Photo credit : forbes According to forbes, Forrest Mars, Jr was ranked 36th Billionaire in the world, 17th in the united state and the United Sate and Candy maker worth $33Billion.  See Also ,  Entrepreneur of the week - George Soros Third generation heir to Mars, the world's largest candy maker, with $20.5 billion in sales. Forrest Mars, Jr. owns the extremely private Virginia-based company along with his siblings, John and Jacqueline. All three are on the company's board of directors but have no responsibility for day-to-day operations. The trio's grandfather Frank Mars began making chocolates in 1911 in his Tacoma, Wash. kitchen. Their father, Forrest Sr., joined the company

How to change Atm Card Pin

This post briefly explains how to change the Pin on Your ATM card either  a new or existing Atm card. Changing the Pin of Atm card ensures good security of ATM card information and other bank details. Its your hard earned money and you need to protect your atm card details from any fraudulent practice from people,hackers, fraudsters and even some bank workers may not be trusted.   See Also , 10 ways to protect your Atm Card Follow the process below, it explains how you can perfectly change your ATM Card Pin on getting to the Atm Centers without any assistance. 1. Insert Card 2. Enter default (bank pin) if its a new Atm card 3. Press Proceed 4. Select Change 5. Select Pin Change 6. Enter Your Pin or New Pin ( if the card is is an existing card) 7. Press Proceed 8. Reenter Pin 9. Press Proceed 10. Await a Confirmatory Message Carefully follow the simple process of changing your ATM Pin as described above and be sure of

How to Make Money as a Speaker

There are different ways to make money either online or offline as a speaker if only your information changes the life of people listening to you. Many speaker are really making million for few minutes show while other speaker still finds it difficult to get popular and make money . As a speaker, you could decide to be a motivational speaker, comedian, clergy, teacher, tutor, radio or TV presenter, marketer and many more. People will only pay to hear you talk based on the level of impact and stuffs you got. See Also , how to teach online Making money as a speaker may be very easy if you have the condition below; 1 . Level of research 2 . Problem solving talks 3 . Motivation talks 4 . Knowledge about area of talks 5 . Ability to pass the message 6 . Time management 7 . Word power 8 . Book read and many more Ways to Make Money as a Speaker The only way to make money as a speaker is huge popularity which may be achieved through the following ways; 1. Free seminar

Top 9 Sites for Script Writing

This is a post about the list of best and reliable site for script writing. You could hire someone to help you write a script or you get hired as a writer only on the following site and make money from your write ups. Script writing involves screenwriting and transforming a message into a visuals for mass media such television, video games, comics, films and programs. Hence, you can hire or get hired for freelance writing on the following site which will be listed below.          See Also ,  make money online writing articles Screenwriters or scriptwriters helps transform your message into a realistic action which may be inform of  programming, directing, cartoons, games, and many more. Many of these writers can be found for fast delivery of script writing jobs and little payment for script writing. 10 Good Site for Script Writing 1 .  Scriptlance 2 .  Elance 3 . Getacoder 4 . Rentacoder 5 . Freelancer 6 . Warriorforum 7 .  Fiverr  See Also , 10 best article

6 Best Site to Sell Photos Online

There are different ways to make money online but selling pics on the internet also brings some good earnings if the photos are posted on free or stock photo sites for money. You may not necessarily be a professional photographer to sell photos online but your high end mobile phone or camera with good megapixel and picture quality can be used a tool to make money selling pictures online .                          See Also , 5 ways to make money with freelance photography The best sites to post your nice and original photos are listed below and rated according to user reviews, proof of payment usually by PayPal and proof of earnings from the sale of pics sold through their site. Original and creative photos are posted on their sites while you earn money for every photo downloads you pasted on the site and get paid when you reach payment threshold. List of sites to sell photos Online 1 . Istock Photos 2 . Shutters 3 . dreamstime 4 . scoopt 5 . turbosquid 6 . rev