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Entrepreneur of the week- Jan Koum & Brian Acton, WhatsApp Founders

This site has named the founders of the biggest Online Chatting apps in the world namely Jan Koum and Brian Acton as the Entrepreneur of the week. The two WhatsApp founders emerge as the Entrepreneur of the week due to their recent sale of Whatsapp to Facebook with $16billion.                                        photo credit - forbes The duo started WhatsApp when nobody really believes in their ideas. They were once rejected by big companies like Facebook while Jan Koum also work with Yahoo inc. The two WhatsApp boss have just become Billionaires with their instant messenger services called WhatsApp.  See Also ,   Deal of the day- Facebook Acquires WhatsApp for $16billion Jan Koum is believed to own 45% of the the total Whatsapp worth because he brought the idea while co founder Brian Acton also joined Jan Koum with the idea. The hard work, ideas and never say die attitude of the whatsApp founder has made them a sudden billionaire with a deal $16billion sale of

How to Make Money at Young Age

Everybody knows the priority of a young child is to get education in order to gain knowledge but am writing this based on personal experience and things young people can do to start making money at that age. Young people need morals and they also need to be taught how to be successful at that tender age. The world is changing and most successful people in the society this days are young guys but they discover themselves very quickly to start earning money at young age. See Also ,  top 7 money making ideas for teenagers Children at this time needs information on how to work toward making money in a legitimate way but not in a rush. You could start planning your success map right from when you are young and when you grow older, you reap what you sow, Ways to Start Making Money for Young People 1. Get Education : The first step to take as a young boy or girl is to get education because it helps you widen your horizon and how to control your wealth.  2. Sav

Deal of the day - Facebook Bought WhatsApp for $16Billion

Facebook which is currently the biggest social networks in the world with over a billion active users recently bought WhatsApp for $16billion with $4billion in cash and $12billion from Facebook shares. WhatsApp is one of the fastest and most used instant messenger apps used on any kind of phone which rangers frpm Java, Nokia, Iphone, Andriod, Blackberry, Ipad and many more.  See Also ,  Chat freely with WhatsApp   WhatsApp is best used for instant chats, photo sharing, Video downloads, voice calls, video share, group chat and many more Whatsapp has grown so big that it has millions of active users and over one million sign ups daily. Facebook inc posted recently about the purchase of Whatsapp for $16billion $4billion in cash and $12billion worth of Facebook shares and stock. The CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg also announce that the Co-founder of WhatsApp Ceo Jan Koum would join the facebook board. Although this deal is done and Facebook is ready to work with Wha

Best Ideas for Business owners and Entrepreneurs

This is just a simple way of giving out the best business ideas that works well for entrepreneurs, business owners, investors, work at home moms, work at home dad, students and teenagers who are making money in one way or the other but to motivate them even more and more in business Its not so easy to make money doing business or making money online but few quotes, ideas and motivational facts can help you do that. Below are ideas that has been keeping me going and i want to share; See Also , 10 habit of highly successful people   You are never as bad as your worst Ignore the chattering crowds and start your own course Never show how upset you are in business Always listen to feedback from your team Check and evaluate your business every 18 months Always make yourself happy Take loss as part of the game Accept blames and criticism Never see yourself being perfect Follow your instincts See Also , how to make money for free When you want something from someon

How to Expose Your Business on the Internet

Did you just start a business or your business is well established but needs an online recognition and presence, then you need to expose your business online which can be achieved using simple tips to help you spread your business all over the internet which can also bring more sales. Exposing your Business on the internet depends on how fast and popular you want your business to be, but either small or large business, popular or less popular online, follow the following ideas below and see how your brand get known online. See Also , 5 signs you are in a wrong business Ways to expose a Business Online 1. Create a free website : If you want to expose your brand/business online, the first thing to do is to create a website which may be either free or hosted. With a website, many people can get to know more about the business and its reliability since most people uses the internet to search for product and services 2. Get on Search Engines :  after creating the w