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How to Prevent Your Business from Destroying your Marriage - for ladies

Its a good thing for ladies, moms, married women, girls who are making money as a business owner, entrepreneur or just starting a small business to really protect their marriages from crash or boredom through the attention given to their individual business. See Also ,  stay at home jobs for housewives   Starting a business or making more profit from a business really needs attention which may in one way or the other affect the marriages of female entrepreneurs, married women and female investors and money makers but their are simple things you can do to prevent your marriage from wreck while you earn money even as a female business owner. Ways to Protect Marriage from Business as a lady/mom 1. Spend equal time at home : a simple way to make balance between business and marriage as a married woman, mom, lady is to create and spend equal time at home. It may not be easy due to business demand, but you can balance up your activities in the office or business area with your

Entrepreneur of the week ; Jorge Paolo Lemann

The Brazillian Billionaire Jorge Paulo Lemann has been named this site Entrepreneur of the week , Jorge Paulo Lemann was named the Entrepreneur of the week not only because of his self made entrepreneurship skills, charity donations and Business effort in Brazil.                                                                                    Photo Credit  - forbes According to Forbes, Jorge Paulo Lemann was ranked as the 33rd Billionaire in the world and the No1 richest man in Brazil. Jorge Paulo Lemann Net Worth according to Forbes is $17.8B and he earn more money through his beer company and self made wealth.   See Also ,  top 3 Billionaire who never liked Technology Jorge Paulo Lemann is Brazil's richest man thanks to his controlling stake in Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world's largest beer company. Together with his longtime partners and fellow billionaires Marcel Herrmann Telles and Carlos Alberto Sicupira, Lemann made headlines in early

How to Make Money as a Single Mother

This post is all about the experience a lady with a kid shared on ways she makes money and was able to cope as a single mother. She gave out free information on different ways she's been earning money to survive with her kids. As a single parent or mom with kids, you may wonder how you can actually make money for yourself and kids, just read on and pick 1 or 2 money making tips from this post. Ways to Make Money as a Single Parent 1. Get education : a single mother not need to feel bad about her situation but to move on. The first step in earning cash as a single mother is to get educated, it may be a formal or informal education but you need to create a time to get education. You could go to school, learn catering, music, manufacturing etc   See Also ,  stay at home jobs for moms 2. Learn a trade: as a single mother, you need to learn a trade, it may involve buying and selling of simple stuffs like baby toys, shoes, cloths, food, fruits etc. Those stuffs has profit

How to Make Money from Nairaland

Nairaland is one of the most visited forum and website in Africa and also in the world according to Alexa with a global rank of 917 and 7 in Nigeria where it is located. Nigeria is a popular forum with over 1.2m registered users and million of pageviews per day, the reason you need to read about making money on nairaland. Nairaland is owned by Seun Osewa and has been a lively place to earn money, relax, learn, teach and post some new information to the youth. Nairaland covers topic which ranges from business, careers, romance, jobs, celebrity, health, family, sexuality, education, making money, webmasters, entertainment, jokes and many more. See Also ,  Entrepreneur of the week - Seun Osewa As a nairalander, you not only have fun on the site but you can also be on the site to make money just like every other wise people do. Nairaland is never a make money site but a site with such huge traffic needs you to explore it to earn money. I see the listed tips below as the best w

How to Make Money from Transport Business

Transportation Business is such a business that brings money on a full time or part time, and can also be done either on a small scale with few vehicles or large scale with many cars.Transportation to is a cool business with lot of profit done with cars, bikes or buses. Transport Services involves driving people from one place to another and getting few cash in return. The common transport services includes company driver, bike rider, bus driver, trucks driver, Taxi driver and many others. You make money with this business at free time only if you have a valid drivers license and understand driving and transport business. See Also ,  How to make money as a driver You can earn money from transport business by driving cars privately or commercially in form of a taxi or commercial bus driver and some which includes; 1. Taxi 2. Inter state bus driver 3.inter state car driver 4. Haulage business 5. School bus driver The Conditions to make money from transport business

How to Make Money as a Cleaner

Can someone make money as a cleaner? it is very possible to make huge amount of money cleaning people house, cars, gardens, toilet, cloths and many more. The world has soon become a place where people start small business on their own and make cash with it. As a cleaner, you can make money through home services washing and cleaning people's environments or you get a small shop where people come for cleaning services. Cleaning can be done by youth, stay at home moms and dads,unemployed or students to earn extra income. Cleaning for cash involves washing people's cloths, cars, houses, cutting grasses, kitchen and many more. A cleaner who want to make money will clearly define who he/she want to do and how to get it done with the fastest time.   See Also , 10 things to do with an idle fund Cleaning services or business can be started on a small scale or large scale. Below are few example on how to earn money as a cleaner, 1 . Working as a gardener 2 . Working