Where to Get a Free Website For Small Business

How and Where Can i Get a Free Website for My Business?  This question was asked by a reader who wants to have a website for her small business which will be explained briefly as you read on. It is possible to get a free website for your small business just as everyone now takes their businesses online for better exposure.

Business Website

Your small business website helps promote your businesses online, it attracts new visitors or customers from Search Engine like Google  and can be used to make your business get the popularity it needs. You can get a free website your business using the platform below;

1. Blogger : This is a platform which allows you to own a website for free using their blogger platform. Blogger is relatively cheap because you don not need to buy a hosting plan, domain name but you can buy a custom domain name and extension which help make it look professional. Blogger is easy to customize with the existence of ready made responsive template and logo format which make your business website have a good look. To start, just visit blogger and register with a gmail account to start.

2. WordPress: This is a blogging platform that helps build a business website for free. There are two WordPress platform which includes WordPress.org and WordPress.com. Wordpress.com allow you to create a free website with free hosting and domain name but you may not be able to place advert on compared to WordPress.org. But wordpress.org is make your site look very professional with different programs and plugins which makes it search engine optimization friendly. WordPress.org highly recommended for your business site but you will pay for hosting and domain name which helps you have control over the site and any activities on it

3. Tumbler : This is a micro blogging platform which allow you to create a free website with good customized themes, logo,pic and your contents for your products or services. I don't really have much experience using tumbler but i recommend blogger and WordPress for your business website.

These are platforms that can be used  to create a free website for your business. The are reliable and people are creating website with them daily. Get your website done and start promoting your business. Thanks for reading.

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