How to Use a Free Website to Promote Your Small Business

Am going to be giving out information on how to use a free website like blogger or WordPress to promote your small business and still make good profit from it. Just recently, we gave information on  "Where to get a free website for small business" where we discussed different ways on how you start a blog for your small business.
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The different ways to use a free website or a blog to promote or advertise your small business to people includes;

1. Facebook ads: This is a paid advertising program from Facebook which can be used to expose your business website to thousands of people with your money. You only need to advertise your business website using the best ad type from Facebook while the site or blog get traffic in return

2. Google Adwords : This also work like Facebook ads but has more coverage, traffic and exposure than Facebook ads. Its own by Google and best used to advertize a site or blog to drive traffic to a site while the business get a boost.

3.  Email list: Its called email marketing where you learn to capture the email of your readers, subscribers and send emails to them to inform them about new products or information on your products and services or what you are selling on your site. This is a new way to use your free site to promote your business

4.  Social networks: The best, cheap and sure way to use a website promote a small business is to ensure your integrate social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc You can do this by opening a Facebook group or page, twitter page and Google Plus page where people can interact and discuss about the products

5. Post Contents : What makes a great website is the contents. without interesting post on the site, the site might not get the exposure it needs to boost a business but as soon as you start posting relevant contents and information about your products, then its will definitely work and your small business will also get the exposure it needs

6. Drive Traffic: The only way to make your free website work for the business you run is to drive traffic to the site. You can use any means to drive traffic to the site you want and am sure when you do this, you will smile. There are so many other ways to drive traffic than the ones we stated above. Just keep your fingers cross on this as we will be providing information on this in our next updates

Us the ideas above and see your small business get its exposure using your website. Thanks for reading

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