How to Make Money on YouTube in Nigeria

How can i Make Money from YouTube in Nigeria? There are many ways you can make some money online in Nigeria which one of them is YouTube.


YouTube is a video social networks site where you watch videos, listen to video or podcast and the simple way to earn money online from YouTube even in Nigeria is through video views which means the number of people watching the videos

You can make money from YouTube in Nigeria through the two methods described below and get paid directly into your preferred bank account;

1. Google Adsense: When you have interesting and original video created by you or you got the license of a video, you can make money from the video by driving traffic to the video through Facebook, Twitter, Bing , Google etc. If the video is original then, you need to monetize the video and the traffic with Adsense just to earn some cash from Adsense. Just at the top of the video manager, you will see the monetize widget, follow the processes and ads will start to display while people watch the video. Integrating Google Ads on a video is one the best way to earn money from YouTube and its sure.

2. Other online Advertising: Not only Adsense alone is sure but there other online adverting program that can display ads on your video where you get paid based on valid clicks from the video traffic. It depends on your location, there are many online advertising program but i believe Adsense still lead the way. Feel free to Google for more on this but i know infolinks, chitika, kontera, addynamo, bing and yahoo all accept publishers from Nigeria

3. Solo Ads: You can make from YouTube in Nigeria by creating videos in form of adverts for people, this videos helps create awareness for other brands, website, product, services etc and you get paid for it. Its one of the trends that brings money online this days. You only need to master video creating techniques and  you may use software or projector to do that, many advertisers needs any one that can create and market their brands videos online. This is an eye opener which i believe is good. many advertisers are found on fiverr, seoclerks, zeerk and even on popular forum like warrior forum

4. Micro Jobs site: Another way to make money from YouTube in Nigeria is to be a master in video making and do this for $5 on fiverr. There are people on fiverr who still need a video creator. Just post your video creating gig on micro jobs site like fiverr and start making money from YouTube in Naija. You will create the videos for $5  and they will upload the videos on YouTube.

These are ways and how people have been making money on YouTube and i believe you can still do the same in Nigeria and make money too. Thanks for reading.

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