How to Make Money From Google in Nigeria

There are many ways to make money from Google either in United state, UK, Europe, Asia or Africa but this information also applies to all especially people living in Nigeria and working from home with the hope to earn money from Google into their account in Nigeria.
Google Nigeria
Google is one the biggest company in the world despite its the biggest search engine in the world. Google has many products which can be used to make money even in Nigeria. Below are things you can do start start making money from Google in Nigeria using your internet connected computer, tablet or phone which are;

Ways to Earn Money On Google in Nigeria 

1. Google Adwords : This is an online paid advertising program for site owners, advertisers, marketers etc to promote their sites, products or links to thousands of people through Google Adword. You can make money from Google through its adword paid ads by advertising a product of your own or other people and promoting the link through Google Adwords. You make money based on visit, impression or sales with the traffic from Google. To make money from Google in Nigeria, you need to sell something and advertise such brand or product with Adword, its great.
2. Google Adsense:This is also an online advertising program that allow blog or site owners by allow Google serve adverts to their site and earn cash from the traffic, clicks and impression generated from such sites. Google sends your earnings directly to your bank account through Adsense program and earnings generated over time.If you are in Nigeria and you own a site or blog, then you can make money from such blog or website by integrating Google adsense with it. This is a sure way to monetize your blog or site and make money from Google in Nigeria.

3. YouTube: This is a video sharing social network owned by Google inc. It works in Nigeria and Google has allowed you to start making from YouTube by creating original video, upload it yo YouTube and monetize it with Google ads. You make money through the valid clicks gotten from the video and when the earnings get to threshold, you earn money directly to your bank account in Nigeria. Here, you can also combine your existing adsense account to your YouTube earnings to boost overall earnings on Adsense.

4. Google Search : A good way to make money from Google in Nigeria is to ensure you get your product or services listed on Google Search where it can be seen and picked up online by internet users whose aimed is at searching Google to get result to their problems.

5. Blogger:  This is a platform owned by Google and its used to create a free website for yourself, product, brand and services. You can use the web design platform to make money in various ways which has been listed on this site earlier. Just go to, register and start designing your website there. Its the basis of any cheap internet business ideas or start ups

Use these four Google product and you stand a chance to also make money online in Nigeria like any other person does. These information provided here on how to earn money from Google in Nigeria is real and i think consider taking some bold steps on how to to make money from Google while in Nigeria. Thanks for reading



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