How to Make Money From Facebook in Nigeria

Facebook is the biggest social networks in the word and on the internet as a whole. Facebook comes with many features which makes it entertaining and could allow many of its users spend some hours chatting, uploading, commenting and just enjoying the social networks

Earn Money on Facebook

While people see Facebook as a way to communicate with people, many of us see this Facebook as an online business center where one could easily earn some cash online. We will be providing ideas on how and ways to make money from Facebook in Nigeria.

This means that any one can earn money through Facebook using the following ideas described below, It works and i can tell you that many people in Nigeria are really using this method to make money from Facebook and still enjoy the social networks. How to make money from Facebook in Nigeria includes;

1. Sell Something: The best way to make money on Facebook is to sell something to your Facebook friends. How do you do this, you can post pics of your product, links from your sales page or any post describing the nature of your business, the website or contact number of what you sell. For instance, if you are good in craft making, you can post samples of your work on your Facebook wall where interested buyers can see and make order right here in Nigeria.

2. Facebook Adverts: If you have something to sell through your blog, website or any other business you do apart from online business, this is a paid program that can help you get your brand across to millions of people with your money. Although, it may be expensive but this is a sure way of advertising which brings larger views and new customers to your product. Even as a Nigerian in Nigeria, you can pay for adverts and start making more sales to your products.

3. Facebook Page/Groups: You can make money from Facebook in Nigeria by creating a Facebook page or group and advertising your products and services to them. You can also earn money through Facebook by selling your Facebook page or group and the best way is to use the page or group to drive traffic to your brand. It works and many people are using it to make some cash for themselves.

4. Google Adsense : Since Google Adsense is also accepted in Nigeria, site or blog owners can make money from it simply by using Facebook to drive traffic to their links or site. This page views gotten from Facebook can also generate clicks which are credited in cents to your account and accumulation of these cents may result to big money.

5. Fiverr : This is a micro jobs site with lot of opportunities, people order for your services inform of gigs and many Nigerians are really earnings good money from fiverr. You can decide to render services like Facebook shares, Facebook likes, Traffic and many more. If you have a large number of friends on Facebook, fiverr is a good site to earn money online right here in Nigeria

6. Mylikes : This is a site which pay you to perform a task to your Facebook friends. It involves getting paid to share a link of companies, website or other brands to your friends on Facebook and you get paid for such activities.

These are simple ways you can make money from Facebook in Nigeria and feel free to use the search box above to get addition information on each points discussed above. Better still, use the comment box below to ask any question on this topic. Thanks for reading.



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